Matched Pair – a fantasy of dominant and submissive life

aveburysarsenTNI am taking a long-held fantasy and turning it into a story. I’ve a clear idea of where it will go (I’ve had the fantasy for years), but who knows what will emerge as I start to write? Already one of the main characters has changed shape – at the suggestion of a friend.

Early on I was told it lacked characterisation – I hope the newer episodes and a thorough edit have helped make the major players feel a little less like cut-outs.

“Matched Pair” is a variation on a well-trodden BDSM theme, the training of submissives. I am hoping to write this with a constant eye on the principle of keeping informed consent central to all that people like us do.

Percussion mallets held with Matched Grip
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are the first few chapters:

  1. The Lottery Win: Sets the scene that makes the story possible.
  2. The Advertisement: I was gratified that one person asked me whether this was a real Ad. Sadly I had to say no (but my correspondent probably wasn’t serious).
  3. The Application: How one person decided to take the plunge.
  4. Arrival: We meet the candidates.
  5. Journey: We learn a little more about the candidates. And the short list gets shorter.
  6. Accommodation: In which a sticky end leads to a clean beginning.
  7. Showers: Ballerina time
  8. The Basement: On modesty.
  9. Indelible Marker: On being properly clean
  10. one’s story: The first candidate opens up.
  11. two’s story: A woman with a practical attitude to life
  12. Three’s tale: A slave? Three thinks so.
  13. Five speaks: Tears before bedtime
  14. Deportment: Aids to elegant movement
  15. Service: In which a solution is proposed to a problem of containment.
  16. Blanket stitch: Some nifty sewing.
  17. Reward: Precious amber fluid put at risk
  18. Release: Someone gets to come
  19. Bedtime: Judgments and consensual imprisonment.
  20. Insomnia: Three our of four find a way to get to sleep
  21. A good going over: Morning inspection

Do let me know what you think.

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