About Belasarius

acedc11cbeb3a2a0b4e3bca15378bec4Man in a Dominant/submissive relationship.

I share my partner with her husband. When we are together we have a medium protocol D/s relationship with elements of ritual, ceremony and discipline. We also enjoy mild to moderate S/m play. She is my partner in every sense. My family knows her and some know the nature of our relationship – but we don’t flaunt it.

Most of the pictures on this site are sourced from copyright free sources. Any infringement is accidental. Some are mine. If I’ve not given appropriate acknowledgement or you own copyright of an image and want it removed please let me know.

I posted extensively on Informed Consent, where you can find still find an archive of all the posts and blogs made by members, including mine.

I am now getting my community fix on these sites:


I’m writing my own FSOG. Begin here.


I started this blog to enable me to write about the surveys I do on Informed Consent and Fetlife (originally, mainly IC) because, on WordPress, I can use charts and tables more easily. But, there will be other blogs on BDSM topics from time to time.

I am not a professional researcher and will respond positively to suggestions for improvements in the way I do these surveys. They are just toe-in-the-water looks at how those who choose to respond look at kinky life – but I hope they’ll encourage others to debate the issues they raise.

Blogs about our D/s life

I have also moved many of my blogs here too and curvy_bottom and I are now posting new material too.

Definitions of BDSM terms

People interested in the definitions of BDSM terms I am curating and who wish to debate or vote on them will find the polls, and links to articles, here.

Some people I’ve debated with think that my efforts to define BDSM terms are an attempt to constrain thinking and behaviour and to diminish variety. It isn’t. I am making every effort to help create definitions that as many people as possible agree with and not to create something that reflects my thinking.

Common definitions enhance our ability to express our individuality and difference.



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