Matched Pair: 17 – Reward?

c6552ac6446bcea8f2bdae10de169982_iThe Girl took an antiseptic wipe from a sachet and tenderly cleaned Two’s newly sewn up pussy, stroking away those few droplets of blood. One drop returned. She held the wipe firmly against it and then dabbed again, a few seconds later. The little bit of oozing stopped.

The man handed two latex gloves to each of the other three. “Put them on”.

“Turn her”, he ordered “so the cunt is facing my chair”. The Girl grabbed Two’s ankles and swung her through ninety degrees and then spread Two’s legs so the heels were as close to the table edges as Two could manage. “Rope” he said. The Girl headed for a large carved wooden chest at the end of the room opening the top and dragging out a weighty, well-studffed canvas sack. She undid the buckled leather tie at it’s neck and looked at the man. “Three four-metre lengths please. One eight millimetre diameter”.

The Girl rummaged and pulled out three short skeins of hemp, each with neatly sewn yellow whippings at each end. One length was substantially thicker than the other two. Each was in a Monkey Braid. He pulled the end out of the thicker length and it instantly fell loose.

He folded the rope in half and held it by its middle, marked, the girls noticed, by more yellow whipping. He made an “S” shape in the middle of the rope by folding  about 20 centimetres of the rope back on itself either side of the marked midpoint.  He  began wrapping one piece of the rope tightly around the loop that dropped from his hand. When the wrapped section was about 15 centimetres long , he passed the length he’d coiled round the loop through the hole left in the end and then pulled it tight. He was left with a thick rope coil from which a metre length protruded from each side.

He laid the coiled centre in an abandoned bowl and told Three to fetch water and fill the bowl.

He pulled a second coil loose and folded it in half. he lay the loop against Two’s ankle and then placed two finger’s of Three’s hand between the rope and the ankle. He wrapped the looped rope around the ankle and the fingers twice, neatly and snugly . He took what was left of the looped end and held it across the wraps – pushing it underneath them  and leaving the  looped end protruding from under . He tied the loop and the remaining doubled length in a simple knot against the loops. He nodded to Three who took her fingers away. The ankle cuff restricted nothing – but was secure. In seconds, Two’s other ankle was similarly prepared. He passed the remaining length of each rope, still doubled, once around each ankle and down through the bight that protruded from each knot. He left the ends dangling down each side of the table.

He marched to the dresser at the far end of the room, picked up a pair of decanters and returned to the coil that had been soaking whilst the ankle-trussing was done. Deftly he roped the neck of each glass vessel to each end of the rope with the moistened coil.

He turned to The Girl: “Take her ankle ropes around the table legs and pull them tightish. Don”t let her close her legs whatever you do”.

He pushed Two back onto the table, gently supporting her head as he lay her flat on the bare oak boards. He stroked the neatly sewn labia as he looked into her eyes. “This is my best whisky and brandy. You wouldn’t go spilling it now, would you?”. Wide-eyed, Two shook her head.

The man took the coil from its dish and laid it across Two’s lips. “Bite” he said. She did. “Bite hard. Don’t let go”: he took the first decanter and lowered it over the side of the table carefully letting it hang.

The weight was more than she expected. Her jaw was easily strong enough to clamp on and ensure she didn’t drop his precious amber fluid. But keeping her head straight, at least for more than a few seconds, was damn near impossible.  The weight of the gently swaying decanter pulled her head in its direction.

She gripped tightly with her teeth and tried to keep her head level, staring at the chandelier above and finding that the man’s hand was already by her ear, keeping her steady. “Three” He commanded “lower the brandy would you. Gently”. Three did as bid and Two found the increased weight easier to bear now it was pulling the coil gag straight down into her mouth and not just to one side. The cut glass bottles oscillated slightly and the coiled rope sawed gently on the edges of her mouth. She understood why he’d wetted the rope and knew that any movement she made would just make things worsT. “Grip the edge of the table” he suggested.

He pushed his chair back from the table. And rose. The Girl took position by his side, a hand on his shoulder.

He spoke: “Now girls, I’d like you to make her come”.


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Author: Belasarius

I possess the submission of curvy_bottom, we have a medium protocol, D/s relationship - based on the feeling that we are equa and opposite and that we love each other.

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