Matched Pair: 8 – The Basement


Three followed him across the gravel.

“Why?”, he asked.

“Because this girl thought it would please you”. She was careful not to catch his eye.

“Make a habit of thinking for others do you?”.

“No… sir”.

“I’m definitely not pleased. Not yet”. he stopped. She stopped. He  folded  his arms and looked her up and down. she was shivering fiercely now and her teeth were chattering.

“Get out of those wet things”. She looked around. “It doesn’t matter if we are alone or not” he said. She unbuttoned her mini skirt and pulled he blouse over her head. She was wearing a bra. “That too” he said. She complied, bundling her clothes up and clutching them in front of her chest. “Shoes”. she shucked them off. Instantly, she was tiny.

“Follow me”. There was a light now glowing from the house and they moved toward it.

They walked across the yard, briskly. She hobbled as she put her weight, step by step on the sharp gravel.. He took her wrist and guided her around the side of the house. Ahead was a well-lit stairwell, surrounded by wrought iron railings. He motioned her down. It was just a single flight down to a flagstone paved area a couple of metres wide. A wooden panelled door was open ahead of her and beyond that was light and a hubbub of conversation. Three looked right and could see patio windows extending the length of the space. Inside were the other three candidates, together on a heavily embroidered crimson sofa. The Girl was sitting opposite in a strange-looking chair, straight-backed and armless, with a seat held just off the floor by stumpy lion’s claw legs. The back was as wide as the seat, fully upholstered and with a narrow  bar, also padded, across the top that extended a few inches either side of the back. The Girl was naked. Unashamed. She had pulled her long, straight blonde hair free of its ponytail and was running her fingers through it and pulling and smoothing the mass of it over one shoulder, covering a breast and framing her face.

Girl with blonde hair

The Girl didn’t look vulnerable. She was clearly content in her nakedness and holding court.

The man ushered Three through the door into a small kitchen and then through an adjoining door into the room with the others.

“Darling, You were quick. I hope it’s right that I did not get started without you?”. She smiled. He nodded.

Min  sat herself on the arm of the sofa. There had been room to sit until Three had returned, but she knew getting up would be easier from the arm than the seat and she did not want to look clumsy. She looked at the man. he’d taken off his waxed jacket. He wore jeans and a blue jumper. The narrow collar of a light-coloured checked wool shirt protruded over the pullover’s neck, He had a round open face, with cool green eyes. He didn’t look overweight – but he didn’t look like he worked out either. He went and stood by the side of The Girl. She definitely didn’t work out. She was voluptuous. The girl had an almost constant smile and exuded a sort of homely friendliness. Min had yet to see the man look other than sullen, or quiet, or serious.

The girl rose from the chair and the man took the seat. She was tall, much taller than the man and this disguised her plumpness. Min thought her own tummy was a little smaller than The Girl’s but she was shorter – she didn’t look like a renaissance artist’s model. She’d been called Rubenesque before, but only, she knew because her lovers were being kind: She was fat.  She could never be naked in front of strangers like this.

The girl faced the man, put her palms together, straightened her elbows, placed her left foot behind her right, touching and at right ankles to it, and lowered her head until she was looking at his lap. The girl stood quite still. From behind she looked rounded, like a cello. The man nodded and she moved to the side of his chair, pulling out a large plump cushion from the base of a set of drawers and bookcases that lined the back of the large room. she sat, at his feet, back straight and legs curled under her. Min thought she looked amazing. She looked over to the bedraggled Three, standing dripping and naked on the tiled floor. Three was staring at the scene, Open-mouthed. Enraptured.

The girl clapped. “Silence” said the man, unnecessarily. He looked at his partner and Min saw him smile. His eyes twinkled, Suddenly he looked as avuncular as The Girl looked the mother hen. “Speak”, he said.

“Darlings. Welcome. We are so pleased you all came. We are going to spend the weekend getting to know you. Next week, after you’ve gone home,  he will decide who we would like to become our housegirl and playmate. He chooses – but he has agrees I can say no to his choice. So you must please both of us. We hope you will get to know us too, over the next couple of days and that whoever he chooses will want to spend the next year with us”.

“Tonight we are going to relax and get to know each other a bit. The only rule is you don’t ask us, or your fellow girls, your names or where you come from.”

“My man is going to leave us until supper, so it’s all girls together.”

“First though, some admin. At bedtime you will be locked in here. There will be a glass bottle on the kitchen table containing the key to the door to the main house – up the stair behind me – and the door you came through just now. The bottle is sealed with wax. You will not be able to open it undetectably. We expect you to stay here. But, in the event of a dire emergency you can use this to escape”.

“Number One, there are four black sacks on the table on your side of the sofa. Hand them out to your companions.

“Can you each put your clothes and any other personal belongings except your phones in the black sacks and then tie the lanyard you have been given around the neck of the sack. My man will take these away and return them to you before you all catch your train on Sunday.”

“Or before if you misbehave” added the man.

They looked at each other. By the door, Three was clearly wondering what to do with her stinking, soaking skirt and blouse. “In your bag like the rest” he said.

One looked the most unsure. Minnie stood: “It’s what I came here for. Can I keep the boot?” The man nodded.

Three was shoving all her stuff into her sack, rolling the top of the sack together and tying it into rabbits ears – she pulled the lanyard from around her neck and tied it around the bag.

One was helping Minnie to unstrap her boot and to pull off her leggings Min was already out of her coat, hoodie and top and reaching round to unhook her bra.

Two stood and removed her jacket, folding it carefully, She unzipped her skirt and wiggled it down to her ankles, lifting her feet out of it without removing her shoes and then laying the skirt on the jacket.

She unbuttoned the plain, white high collared blouse and folded that too. She stood there. Black fully fashioned stockings were held up by a four strap, wide , black suspender belt. Her breasts were presented on a balconette polka-dotted bra. There were no knickers. Her pubis was smooth and pink and bald. She almost posed and then completed the business of getting naked.

Stepping away with Min’s surgical boot in her hand One realised she was the only clothed woman left in the room. She blushed. “May I help her?” asked The Girl. The man nodded.

The girl unfolded her long legs, stood and walked over to Number One. She lifted One’s arms over her head and turned her so she was facing the windows into the moonlit garden. The girl put her thumbs into one’s waistband and then knelt, pulling down One’s leggings and knickers in one swift movement. She turned her again so One faced the man. The girl took hold of One’s cashmere jersey and tee-shirt and hauled them unceremoniously over her head as one garment. One felt a seam go in one of the sleeves as The Girl wrenched it over the shoulder. Instinctively One pushed The Girl away but she was fast and strong. The Girl grabbed One’s wrist and twisted and pushed it up her back, turning her again. Letting go she pushed One down onto the sofa and sat on her, reaching down and pulling her boots off and the leggings and panties from around her ankles.

The girl stood and delivered a resounding slap to One’s left buttock, then tugged her to her feet and kissed her full on the mouth. One responded. The girl drew away, grinning and resumed her seat on the floor by the man. He leaned down to The Girl. “You take much upon yourself”.

He looked at the candidates. “Modesty will get you nowhere and everywhere” he said.

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Author: Belasarius

I possess the submission of curvy_bottom, we have a medium protocol, D/s relationship - based on the feeling that we are equa and opposite and that we love each other.

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