Matched Pair: 9 – Indelible Marker

The man disappeared, black bin-liners in tow.

They all made their safe calls. All except number one – she said she hadn’t arranged one, which prompted frowns from The Girl. It had been a requirement But, for the others, friends knew they had arrived and that so far, nothing untoward had happened to them.

“Let me give you all a quick tour” said The girl bustling them through. “There really isn’t much. This will be where the girl we choose is kept when we don’t need her. It will be appropriately furnished”. It was a bare, whitewashed room with a stone flagged floor. The only furniture was the antique, oak framed red velvet covered chaise they’d been sitting on and a long low table in front of it fitted, they noticed, with polished stainless steel eyebolts at each corner and halfway down each side.

The door from the kitchenette was behind them. In the centre of the wall facing them was a strongly built wooden planked door. to their right was another exit, barred by black wrought iron bars.

“You’ve seen the little kitchen as you came in, of course. The stairs go up to the main house and that door at the end there goes to our playroom, You might see it later. At the moment it’s where he gives me a good going over when he feels like it. Oh, and sometimes we have small parties”.

“This is the bedroom.” She swung open the bars and bustled them in. There were four camp beds and sleeping bags and that was it. The floor was bare, new, concrete and the walls were emulsioned white. A bare bulb lit the room at the end of which was another barred entrance. A stack of white, fresh, pump towels lay folded on a side table. A white towelling robe, equally fluffy both inside and out, hung beside the door: “Ablutions” said The girl. “Let’s shower”. They walked in to the room behind rthe second set of bars which was tiled, floor, walls and ceiling. The floor sloped slightly toward one corner. The girl turned a faucet by the door and cold water jetted from a nozzle set into the ceiling. The girls screamed and jumped back – but in a second or two it warmed and they gathered round it. The shower faucet was unusual, directly behind it a short length ofheavyweight galvanised chain descended a few inches from a bolt in the ceiling at the end of which swung a six inch diameter steel ring. The wall was studded with strong steel u-bolts, eight of them, in the middle of each side of the room, four at ankle height and four around a metre from the floor.

“Me first” said The Girl. She moved to the centre of the room, letting the water cascade over her. “Come on then, wash me.” She smiled, standing, akimbo, legs planted apart, shaking her head to keep the droplets out of her eyes. “There is shampoo and stuff over their”. She pointed.

One, Two, Three and fFve looked at each other. “Hair first please, said The Girl, kneeling. One selected a bottle from a row on a glass and chrome shelf by the door, squirted a little on her fingertips and sniffed. “Wow”, she said. “Jo Malone, lime, basil and mandarin” said The girl, ” he likes me tropical at the moment. Can you use the coconut body wash and moisturiser please.”

Two ran her fingers along the row of bottles, finding the right unguents. As she walked over to The girl Min noticed that she wasn’t quite as naked as the rest of them: what she had thought were bows on the heels of her seamed stockings were actually tattoos of a pair of bluebirds, kissing, one pair on each ankle. Three moved to the centre of the room to join in and Min noticed she too had ink. Entwined Celtic beasts, in black, adorned her lower back.

The girl stood again and let her handmaids slither their hands over every inch of her. When two dithered over her bald pubis The girl took two’s hand and put it between her legs, dipping slightly to make herself as accessible as possible. Soon, they were done and the three giggling girls stepped back from the object of their attention.

“Five.” The Girl knelt again and this time put her head on the tiled floor so that her but tucks were raised. “He may wish to bugger me. A douche will suffice”.

“Madam, I’ve never done this,” said Min.

“Five, you must never call me anything but ‘girl’. I am his. I am never to be given a title of any sort by anyone except him. And I will never ask you to do anything for me that is for my pleasure alone. The person he chooses will be a pleasure object for him if he doesn’t want me or if I am not available. Whichever of you is chosen will help me be the best I can be for him. I will never have authority over another. He has already said he can see times when the woman he chooses will be given some authority over me”.

“Five, you will need the little blue bulb with the nozzle attached. It is in the second drawer over there”.

This "fountain syringe" should only ...
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Five hobbled across and opened the drawer. Amongst a confusion of plastic pipes, tubing and tubes of lube was something that looked like a hot water bottle. She lifted it. Under it was a blue rubber bulb with a much more rigid white plastic nozzle, about ten centimetres long and about half a centimetre wide, protruding from the front.

“It’s easy. Unscrew the nozzle and fill the bulb with water at about blood heat.  Colder is ok. But I’ll schqueem and schqueem. It’s up to you, but it would be nice if you were kind. Hotter and you will damage me. Don’t.”

“just put a little lube on the end and shove it into me when you are ready. Then just gently squeeze the bulb until I’m full, Pull it out when the bulb is empty. Gently would be nice. Don’t forget to stand well back. But this isn’t like an enema. I’m pretty empty and I doubt I’ll be shitting anything. I won’t need the loo”.

Five took the thing over to the washbasin, prepared it, and dragged her foot and herself to The Girl. she stood behind her.

A rectal "bulb" syringe that can be ...
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Five realised she would have to kneel. One saw this and moved forward to help her down. Five asked for some lube and, instead of anointing the douche’s nozzle she put a little on her finger. She rubbed it around the puckered anus and then applied a little more to her digit. She pushed  against the entrance. Except she didn’t have to. The Girl opened up for her and her finger slipped inside, easily passing both sphincters.

“Is the lube really necessary?” Asked Five.

“Not really, but I thought you guys might find it useful” said The Girl.

Another thought occurred to Minnie: “Would your bloke want me to use warm water. Or would he want to hear you yell?” She asked.

“Oh you clever thing.”. The Girl was now pulling Five’s finger in further with firm, strong movements from her rings of rectal muscle.  “Good question. If he wanted me made uncomfortable he would have told me and I would have told you. In any case this is just part of my evening routine”.

Five removed her finger and instantly replaced in with the nozzle of the douche. She squeezed gently feeling the tepid water flow into The girl, who mewed contentedly.

The bulb empty, Five gently pulled  it backwards. This time the girl didn’t help. “I’ll hold it in while you move out of the way,” she said. But Five could not get up and One again knelt to help her. As she did The Girl let go.  With a quiet thwapping noise a thin jet of liquid pulsed out of The Girl’s arse, gushing over Five’s knee and One’s arm and tummy. It turned into a stream and then a trickle which was neither discoloured nor smelt – it seemed as much clean water as when it went it in.

“Was I brown?” asked The Girl. “Ewwww…” said One, more in mockery than outrage. “No” said Min – making herself be as matter fo fact as she could.

“Excellent” said The Girl, standing. “Right, everyone get clean, I’m going to get dry”. She walked to the door grabbing a towel from the pile and the sole bathrobe.

“Hose me down” said One. “sure” said Five, Two moved to the door and turned the shower back on. Two and five washed each other down whilst the other two waited and then took their own turn.

When the four came out they all grabbed towels and dried off rapidly, One and Three also making turbans for their long hair.

The Girl was reclining on the sofa, be-robed and turbaned, her feet, in white towelling slippers, were propped on the low table in front of her. Next to her feet  was a thick, black felt-tip pen. “It’s a cd marker. It’ll come off fairly quickly of you really scrub – but if you let it fade it takes about a week to go, even if you shower every day”.

“As always, it’s up to you at the moment. Anyone not want to be marked?”

It seemed trivial to Min. No-one said no.

The girl got up and took Min’s towel: Carefully she outlined “5” on her left breast. The number was about 12 cms high. She filled in the outline until there was a thick, highly visible, black figure there. She turned Min round and did the same on her right buttock.

“Don’t touch or sit down for a minute or two dear”. The girl moved on down the line and inked the remaining candidates.

“Now”, she said, her task complete: “Let’s get to know each other”.

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Author: Belasarius

I possess the submission of curvy_bottom, we have a medium protocol, D/s relationship - based on the feeling that we are equa and opposite and that we love each other.

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