Matched Pair 19 – Bed time

c6552ac6446bcea8f2bdae10de169982_iThe door at the end of the room opened. The Girl held it open and the man entered, clapping slowly, loudly, ironically.

“Get her down from there”, he said “All of you, go stand with your noses to the wall, – he indicated the wall beside the door he had entered through. “Tallest on the right, shortest on the left”.

They did as bid. One, Two and Three waited for Five to hobble over and take her place at the left of the line. The man took hold of her and moved her into the space next to One “That’s where you would be if none of you were wearing shoes”.

“You go everywhere in this order unless I say otherwise”, he told them.

“Right, Girl, the marker”.

“One, five demerits for releasing the rope. Twenty demerits for pleasuring herself. Ten demerits for contributing to the overall chaos”.

One felt The Girl carefully mark seven groups of slashes on her buttock.

“Five. One merit for helping Two to come. Five merits for taking the rope off Two’s throat. Ten demerits for general sloppiness”.

The Girl marked Five. Two groups of five black strokes and six red slashes.

“Two. Ten demerits for taking part and not paying due care and attention. Ten demerits for opening your mouth when you came”.

“Three. The standard ten, and ten for not concentrating on what you were doing. Five for letting your balls drop”.

“All of you – a further ten demerits for dropping my whiskey”.

The Girl went along the line again marking their skin.

“Very good. Turn around”.

“It’s clean-up time”.

“Three, fill yourself please. One – go with my girl and get the cleaning materials. Five – my girl will show you the kitchen, you are washing up. Three and Two, help the others”.

It took about half an hour to set everything to rights.  The Girl, naked but for a tailored red apron, then busied them back down into the basement.

“Bedtime everyone”.

The Girl ushered them into the barred room with the camp beds. “There’s a big potty there if anyone needs it in the night. And if you need water it’s over there” – she indicated the  the left of the door where four water dispensers, the kind rabbits use, had been wired to the bars.

“One, I have to handcuff you – he thinks you’ll be fingering yourself again”. The girl turned One around and, taking a pair of heavy, antique handcuffs from the end of one of the beds she cuffed her, unscrewing the key so One was secure. The key was on a leather lanyard. She draped that over Two’s neck. “There”, said The Girl “You are responsible for her good behaviour – and safety”.

“Two, come here please and present yourself”. Two looked confused.

“That means stick your pussy out dear”. The Girl knelt, took some shears from the pocket of her apron and delicately snipped the stitches holding two’s labia together, pulling the threads gently out of her skin. She took a sachet from the apron pocket and tore it, taking out a sterile wipe to rub over Two’s sore parts.

The Girl made sure they all emptied their holes and cleaned their plugs and balls with sterile wipes, placing them, and their shoes in their little sacks. then she chivvied them into their sleeping bags. She went along the row and kissed them all goodnight. When she came to Three the kiss became a snog: “It’s not because you are special, it’s because you need to get used to girls”, she said, holding the woman’s chin firmly as Three drew back.

The Girl stepped back through the bars and locked the grill shut. She placed the key in a screwtop jar on the floor just inside reach on the far side of the gate, next to a small torch. “Just for emergencies dears – there will be hell to pay if you use it otherwise”.

The Girl blew them a kiss and retreated. She called “Night” at the top of the stairs before switching off the light and closing the basement door.

Their cell was utterly dark.

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Author: Belasarius

I possess the submission of curvy_bottom, we have a medium protocol, D/s relationship - based on the feeling that we are equa and opposite and that we love each other.

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