Matched Pair: 11 – Two’s story

One looked up at the others.

“Only one of us can get this,” she said “there has to be a winner. I wish there didn’t”. Minnie privately agreed, she knew that this weekend was going to be all she got – and she was going to enjoy every minute. Over the next 48 hours she was going to be who she wanted to be, no more no less.

“Two,” The girl smiled, “your turn, I think.”

Two had taken the end of the sofa most directly opposite the CCTV camera fixed high on the wall in the corner of the room. She had tucked her towel  around her breasts (the largest in the room – larger even than the girl’s, thought Min), and draped it to emphasise her deep cleavage. she sat with legs swept to one side and ankles crossed. her back was straight and the towel had been separated so her tight, slim belly was visible. Her legs were discreetly together but she still looked immodest. Enough of her belly was displayed to see that her pubis was bare and hairless. She had finished vigorously brushing her dark hair and was busy pinning it back up in the bun she had worn before the shower. She took out the kirby grips she had held between her teeth.

“Bring it on. The competition, I mean,” said Two “I’m here to get what I want and I’ll give all I can to get it. My Dom – well my ex-Dom – called me ‘Gillette’ because he said I was the best a man could get. That’s what I aim to be”.

“And I do see it as a competition. And I reckon all’s fair and all that… I will be trying to do better than the rest of you”.

The girl opened two’s manilla folder and handed round two’s kink-o-gram.


“You are certainly a very different woman from One” she said “Two, you are 24% kinky. Your lifestyle score was 16%. You were higher on play – 22% and highest on sex – 32%, even thought there are some things you won’t do. Why do you think you are here?”

“Because I want to be the best”. Two didn’t pause to reflect.

“I’ll give your man, and you, what you want. Yes, I’ll even cook and clean to get what I want. I want to walk out of here in a year or so ready to get what you have”. Two looked straight at The girl.

“I’ve read his blogs. I’ve read yours. I know how you live. I nearly had that but the guy wouldn’t commit. I know I can be irresistible to the best sort of Dom and I reckon your guy knows how to make me into a sub that would match any Dom’s fantasy. And I get paid for it. C’mon girls – whoever gets this will have a queue of Doms forming. This is a ticket to a future of being adored and respected and looked after. And we will get to choose. And, right now the opportunity not to work and not to have rent to pay is good too. A year here could turn my finances around”.

“I know what I want, I want the opportunity to build a home for me and my partner. I want to keep him interested in me by giving him what he wants. And I want to be someone other women look at and admire for what I’ve got”.

“Yes, I’m going to be completely selfish about this. But I don’t think that will matter to the right man. He’ll know that by giving me what I want he’ll get everything he wants. There won’t be any compromises.

“I’ve had it. twice. Once the guy wouldn’t give up on the idea of kids. I’m not going to be a mum for anyone. I had my tubes tied the same time I got my tits done. It was a tidy little divorce: he even paid for my lawyer”.

“The second time I found what I really wanted. It’s still what I want now. I found a guy who wanted what I wanted to be. He was happy for me to be the cook in the kitchen and the slut in bed. I just had to be a homemaker and a whore and I got the house, the Merc soft-top, the holiday villa in Marbella.”

“I had these done for him”. She flashed the lovebirds on her ankles, “I think they are lovely, don’t you? I’d love to have some more – if they were as pretty as these.”

“OK, he wouldn’t marry me. But when it came to it I could take that. But he wanted others. I’m a one man woman and i expect the same. OK, I don’t mind playing with other women. But we all know the way that goes, don’t we girls? I don’t want my man to compare me to anyone else. Especially someone like me who’ll give him all he wants – but maybe is just a little younger, or prettier. I certainly don’t want to share. That guy always made the point that any others would just be toys – but who wants to take the risk?”

She looked at The Girl, “I’m surprised you agreed to this. But you are safe with me. I will move on when he’s finished with me – or when I feel ready. But I will give him all I can and when I move on I will be value for somebody’s money”.

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Author: Belasarius

I possess the submission of curvy_bottom, we have a medium protocol, D/s relationship - based on the feeling that we are equa and opposite and that we love each other.

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