Matched Pair: 16 – Blanket stitch

This chapter is dedicated to @Nitika_BG – welcome back you.

c6552ac6446bcea8f2bdae10de169982_iThe man sent Two to stand at one of the room’s windows and told her to face out. From time to time she lent forward gently to support herself The cold of the pane hardened her nipples but she couldn’t stand it for long and found herself standing unsupported again. She heard the man speak and one of the other girls came and put her hands on her buttocks. “Stand like that” her companion said. And stay still. That is what he wants”.

Two sometimes caught distorted reflections of the other girls bustling past her to serve at table. Time passed. She was rocking gently now. She thought about what she had volunteered for and became instantly less drowsy. She heard the man’s booted feet on the parquet floor. He stopped behind her. “Not long now” he said. And to the others: “Clear away the table and make places for yourselves at the end near the door – and help yourselves from the sideboard. You may talk”. He walked out of the room. A moment or two later she heard his footsteps overhead,

Here returned a few moments later. He took Two’s hand: “Come with me my dear” He led her to his end of the table, where The Girl was sitting with a white leather bag on her lap. He moved his own chair away and lifted her, sitting her on the edge of the table. The room had fallen silent.

“Face the other way and carry on” He told the other candidates. “Can’t we look, please?” came a voice. “This isn’t for your titillation” He said. More quietly “who said that?”.

Five put her hand up. “5 demerits” he said, reaching into his pocket and sliding a black felt tip up the table. “Someone mark up her arse”. Three took the pen and Five unsteadily rose and presented a buttock for the marker.

The man smiled at Two and rose, taking her shoulders with one arm and pushing her prone on the tabletop with the other. For a second she could see The Girl fussing over the zip to the white leather bag.

“Put your feet on the edge of the table and move them as far apart as you can” he instructed “This won’t take long”.

The room was still pin-drop quiet.

He ran a finger between her labia, twisting it slightly to separate them. He came to her hole and pushed gently, adding a second finger and pushing the walls apart.

He raised the fingers to his nose. “You’re smelly. You want sex too much”.

Her stepped back. The Girl appeared. She ripped open a sterile wipe with

Plastic forceps are intended to be disposable.
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surgically-gloved hands and thoroughly rubbed Two’s lips and the areas around and between. Then the man was there too, smiling down at her holding two pairs of ring forceps and an ominous-looking packet containing a just visible, wickedly curved suture needle in his gloved hands.

“Sit on her tummy when you’ve finished” he said to The Girl. ”

“One, come and straddle her tits”.

“Three and Five, come and take a leg each”.

Two felt The Girl settle on her abdomen, she heard the squeal of chairs on the wooden floor and felt someone moving across the table top. Hurriedly One squirmed down across Two’s tits. The Girl took One in her arms. The full weight of the two women came down on Two, squeezing the breath from her body. She felt hands take hold of her legs and pull them wider apart. The ben-wa balls were shoved inside her once more, they felt cold and her pussy stung a little as they slipped in.

Something clamped the top of her left labia majora. The the same swift pressure on her right. Paper tore. She felt tugging as her labia were pulled outward swiftly followed by a sudden sharp popping sensation and then a searing pain, then the popping sensation again as the needle made its exit.

Two felt deeply calm as the man pulled the needle through. She didn’t have time to flinch as the second set of forceps pulled at her and the needle popped her right lip, pushed through and popped out again. The pain didn’t seem like pain anymore. She felt, for a moment, quite dreamy.

But then, as she felt the forceps being moved down for the second row of stitches she realised that she had forgotten to breath and now, with two women on her chest, it was barely possible. She started to struggle. “Calm” came his voice as she experienced the weird pop, push, pop and pull sensation for the third time. She was desperate for more breath and wriggled more.

He was by her head. “Calm” he said “and it’s over in a moment”. She stared back and screamed “I can’t breathe”. “You obviously can” he said. “Calm” he repeated: “I …am… watching you. You are breathing”.

Two screamed again and he slapped her, hard, across the cheek. The screaming stopped, replaced with quiet sobbing.

The pop, push, pop, pull routine began again. Eight times in all she felt herself punctured.

English: merrow,source is the merrow sewing ma...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then the pressure came off Two’s chest as The Girl got to her knees and then stood above her, helping One to her feet. Two’s legs were released. The man helped her to raise her head and The Girl brought a hand mirror to the end of the table. Five faces were looking down at her. Only The Girl was smiling, Two smiled back. At her reflection. In the mirror was a perfect row of blanket stitch. Her lips were sealed. Craning her neck she could just see the thin black stitches, holding her together… And three tiny, crimson drops.

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Author: Belasarius

I possess the submission of curvy_bottom, we have a medium protocol, D/s relationship - based on the feeling that we are equa and opposite and that we love each other.

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