Matched Pair: 10 – One’s story

“First,” said The Girl, ” you have noooooo privacy. As you were told in your joining email, there is CCTV in every room down here. He or I may or may not be watching at any time. Everything is recorded. Upstairs there is no surveillance.”

“So, we don’t know much about you and you don’t know much about us. Now is the time to put the first bit of that right. In fact, the whole of this week end is about us getting to know you – and about you deciding whether you’d like to spend more time with us. ” She smiled. “until we offer one of you that opportunity and you come back here all you need to know  is that he will make your dreams come true – if they are true dreams. He will use you to make every area of our life more comfortable and convenient. He will amuse himself with you. He will use you to help me service him better. But we only want to do this with someone who passionately wants to submit to this – someone who will feel bigger and stronger because of what we can all do together.

“We want to make this  dream come true for all of us. We hope you will be fulfilled and happy. But it won’t be about you”. She frowned slightly “Never forget that, for us, you are a means to an end. It should be the same for you: Be as selfish as you can. We certainly will be”.

“One, would you like to tell us why you are here?”. The girl took a manilla folder with  “One” written on it, opened it and took out two sheets of paper. the first was the kink picture produced by the spreadsheet the man had sent her. The second was, she saw, her email pleading to be asked for interview.

The girl handed the kink-o-gram to Three: “Take a look and pass it on'” she said.


“Number One – we nearly didn’t invite you at all. When he looked at this he noticed you seem to have a very ordinary libido. Our ad. asked for people with a ‘voracious sexual appetite“. You really don’t do you dear?” One held the Girl’s gaze for a moment but then blushed. “I do really” One said.

The Girl continued “But then he looked at your kinkiness quotient – you scored 77%, despite only a six per cent rating for sex. You had a 96% rating for lifestyle factors. That really wowed him”.

“And, in your email, you said you wanted the opportunity to be ‘unrecognisably different’. What are you all about dear?”

One looked at her feet. Her blush deepened. She looked at the floor and played with her long auburn plait.

“Now is not a time to hide anything”. The girl patted One on a knee and lifted her chin :we are all listening.”

One licked her dry lips and sighed. She looked at her neatly manicured hands for a moment. Then she started to speak:

“I want to be like Cathie Jung or Valeria Lukyanova. I want to be in my seventies and still noticed – or famous for being different – like those real live Russian and Ukrainian Barbie doll girls.

I know I’m beautiful. I know men look at me. But they want to marry me, not to fuck me. I’ve got the kind of beauty other women appreciate, but don’t feel threatened by. I could be anyone’s sister.

English: Madonna in the infamous black corset ...
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“I’ve been noticed all my life. But not for being me.

“If you choose me then I will remind you I have a choice too. If I come here, everything will be a means to an end for me. You and your man will get what you want out of me so I can get what I want. I could afford to do this anyway. But I don’t think I have the guts – not if I am still with Daddy and Mummy. I’m 28 and I am still their little girl. Their little girl, the doctor. Their little girl who no man is good enough for. Their little girl who has always been exactly what they wanted.

“When I was tiny I was the best at ballet. I won nearly all my gymnastics competitions. When I was bigger I was given anything I wanted, as long as it was something they wanted too.

“And Mummy wanted to keep me special for Daddy. Don’t get me wrong. I am not talking about funny business or abuse. Daddy really loves me and I think Mummy wants me to stay their  little girl because, if I don’t, I will break the spell between the two of them.

“I don’t think I can ever be me if I don’t get away from them. Yes, I know there are loads of ways I could do that don’t involve becoming an object. Because that’s what you are doing – isn’t it? I think I can only be me if I spoil me for them. That will free me.

“And no, I’m not much into sex. Not with other people. But I don’t think it’s true I have no libido. I make myself come most nights. Some days too. It’s one part of me that belongs to me alone. And I have so many fantasies about living the kind of life I read about in stuff like “The Marketplace“. If all I get out of this is a couple of days living the dream that that seems good to  me. But I’m deadly serious about this job. From what you’ve said so far it is the key to the future I’ve always dreamed of.

“I’m no virgin. But the only men I’ve had are ones that got through Mummy’s net. They deserved me, for all the effort they went to. But they didn’t interest me – because I knew they’d been selected as suitable candidates for husbands. And husbands that Mummy would find biddable,

“I’ve not met anyone that I wanted to fuck since my flatmate at medical school. She turned my knees to jelly because she just took charge. I don’t think I care if it’s a man or a woman who has me as long as they are in charge. Properly in charge. Not a bully. Not a fantasist.

“It wasn’t sexual at first. Actually not for a long time. But I knew I wanted to please her from our second night together. I’d hated uni halls but I thought I was going to hate living off campus even more. Even though she was already my best pal. She was always out. Always partying and I never was. But on that second night she made me have a good time. ‘We are going to a party’ she said. ‘We are going to meet some guys first at Windy City and then boogie the night away. Well, boogie is the least I expect.’

“I told her no many, many times, But she took no notice. ‘You’ll love it when you get there’ she said. I said I’d come for the meal. We tipped up at this exotic knightsbridge pizza place dolled up like crazy. She made me wear some of her clothes – stuff I’d never wear – a green minidress with a wide leather belt and stilettos much higher than I’d ever dare. I felt amazzzinnggg. We had a table for two. I asked her where the boys were? She said ‘just look, they are all over the place. You’re the bait’.

“She eye’d up a few – far too obviously I thought – until one came over. He was no great shakes, but Shelagh just pitched in, talked about the party and invited him – and his mates. By about 10;30 we’d lined up a dozen guys and one girl. Shelagh gave them all an address in St John’s Wood and she, me, the girl and one guy whizzed off. Most of the rest got there too. I didn’t know anyone, but Shelagh whirled me round, introducing me, dancing with me, drinking with me. I could see she was after the girl, but that was going nowhere. We both pulled and I ended up going back with some unmemorable guy to Finchley. It was ok. But I just wanted to be with her. I’m not a lesbian It wasn’t about sex or lust.. I’d been looked after. She’d let me be me and made sure I felt good and happy and safe: But she hadn’t wrapped me in cotton wool.

“I was with her for four years nearly and I always felt free. I was never her girlfriend – though we did sleep together when she didn’t have male company. And yes, sometimes we fucked. But I always felt free because I knew she was making me be who she wanted me to be. But not like Mummy and Daddy. With them I am always the little girl. Shelagh knew I was a monster inside and she let me be that. She wanted me to be who I really was and she took pleasure in taking and using that for herself. And she never made excuses for it.

“I’ve tried finding a dominant and building him in to my life. But it doesn’t work. I can’t give in whilst Mummy is around. And Daddy just acts like I’m letting him down whenever I’m with anybody. It nearly worked once. But he cared too much about me to change me. Which really meant he didn’t care at all – didn’t it?

“So, I have to get away. And I have to become someone  I am proud of. I’ve spent my life chained up. All you can do is free me”.

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Author: Belasarius

I possess the submission of curvy_bottom, we have a medium protocol, D/s relationship - based on the feeling that we are equa and opposite and that we love each other.

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