Quite simply, the most beautiful tattoo I’ve ever seen.


And from the back:


I love the way it is all of a piece. If William Morris had tattooed his wife I think this is how he would have done it.

I also think she is going to look good in her coffin with this, no matter how old she gets – it will always be beautiful.

Matched Pair – 3: Application

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From: minnymouse@yaroo.com 16:59 9 November 2014 To: coupleseekstaff@heatmail.co.uk

Hi (what do I call you, sir?, sir and madam?), I saw the personal ad. you posted  on some BDSM websites. Are you serious? Is the – whaddya call it job? position? appointment? still open? Can you tell me more about the job? What do I do to get it?


From: coupleseekstaff@heatmail.co.uk 21:02 11 November 2014  To:minnymouse@yaroo.com

Dear girl,

The position is still open. For the purposes of shortlisting you should download this file ( Belasarius_BDSM_dashboard_4.01 ), fill it in and return it to me. It”ll tell us (and maybe you) a bit about them kind of kinkster you are. Also you should tell me why you want the job and why you want what will be a highly demanding position and one which will change you (and the way others see you) permanently.  At this time you do not need to know anything more about the job other than that which I have published already.

From: minnymouse@yaroo.com 21:04 11 November 2014  To:coupleseekstaff@heatmail.co.uk

Err, yeah OK. I just really want to know what you expect from me – I mean, I’m just a girl – nothing special to look at, a bit overweight – not fat you know just ordinary. No one thinks I’m sexy I’m no blonde sex-bomb.

Yours sincerely,


From: coupleseekstaff@heatmail.co.uk 08:16 12 November 2014 To: minnymouse@yaroo.com

I don’t expect anything from you. Our ad. makes it clear what I hope to do with you. If you want that to happen to you and know it will involve irreversible change (and want that too) then you’ll have fun. If it stops being fun, you can stop too.

From: minnymouse@yaroo.com 17:01 12 November 2012  To:coupleseekstaff@heatmail.co.uk

OK, I’ve done your form. Here it is. I expect that is the last I’ll hear isn’t it.


From: minnymouse@yaroo.com 23:59 4 December 2012  To:coupleseekstaff@heatmail.co.uk

Shits. Not even a reply.

From: coupleseekstaff@heatmail.co.uk 08:00 5 December 2012 2012To: minnymouse@yaroo.com

You’d have had an acknowledgment if you’d done as I asked. You didn’t bother. Why should I?

From: minnymouse@yaroo.com 17:59 5 December 2012  To:coupleseekstaff@heatmail.co.uk

Hah – it’s just a bloody fantasy anyway isn’t it. Well, I don’t want a fantasy. so you can fuck off.


From: coupleseekstaff@heatmail.co.uk 18:01 5 December 2012 2012To: minnymouse@yaroo.com

Your choice. Carry on living your life or tell me why you want to change.

From: minnymouse@yaroo.com 18:33 5 December 2012  To:coupleseekstaff@heatmail.co.uk

I’m ordinary, I’ve spent my life being ordinary, I’ve spent my life being the fat friend (but I’m not fat, see). I get to tag along. And up to now I’ve done everything my mum and dad wanted, I went to uni and I wind up in this fucking call centre. It’s only worth doing if I drive more than twenty people mad every hour otherwise it’s just minimum wage.

I’ve always dreamed of being special. It sounded like you’d make me special – cos I’m not going to ever be special if I carry on like this. I am just going to be me. Part of me thinks I want to be someone people look at. Part of me wants to be pushed to be like that. Otherwise I am someone’s daughter who is going to be someone’s wife and someone’s mother and never ME.

I live in Bristol and my mum and dad and my boyfriend are in Leeds. He doesn’t bother with me much either. After Christmas no-one would miss me for a few weeks, maybe a couple of months. If you are real that is enough time for you to show me I’m doing the right thing, isn’t it?


From: coupleseekstaff@heatmail.co.uk 08:00 6 December 2014 To: minnymouse@yaroo.com

If you get through I’ll use you for my satisfaction. If that suits you and you like it you’ll do well. If it doesn’t you can leave.

I’ll interview you. Joining instructions shortly,

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Dominant’s and submissives – what do you call your partners?

standing stoneUPDATE: these polls are now closed. A short article on the results is here. These two polldaddy polls are inspired by this thread, on labels, from UK BDSM website StrangelyNormal.

No more than a bit of fun!

Please do only one of the polls, depending on whether you see yourself mostly as dom or sub. If you are a 50/50 switch, feel free to do both. You can tick all the options you feel apply to you. The “Dominants…” poll is for dominants and the “Submissives…” poll is for submissives.

Oh, and comment away to your heart’s content too.

If you fancy pressing a few more buttons this link will take you to the polls I am running on definitions of BDSM terms.

Happy polling, and thanks!

Thoughts, not well expressed

286723It seems you persevered

Although pursuit seemed slow;

A deep considered pace

to make impatience grow.

So now we interlace

Both bodies and desire;

You seek no gentle sighs

But deep submissive fire.

Use sweet finesse of pain

To make my breath come fast:

I’ll beg that, once again,

Mild cruelty will last.

(From informedconsent.co.uk, March 08)

The Beauty Of Service (IC – 4 April 2005)

BelasariusI thought I’d write this blog, after seeing other, similar ones because, to me, “the beauty of service” is at the root of the relationship I enjoyed, and would be the core of anything I might be fortunate enough to enjoy in the future.

I feel helplessly inadequate in expressing my feelings here: But, for me, it is my role to adore, cherish and control someone, to thrill her by piloting us both on a journey that always has new and more challenging destinations.

My reward is the right to make her mine and to shape her as I want her. Fundamental to this is the respect that comes from service offered because it expresses her attachment to me – service offered joyously.

For me, the sexual side of D/s is a celebration of all this, and discipline & chastisement are tools

Ball gag
Ball gag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

we initially agree to use to help us achieve our joint objectives. Neither of these aspects are fundamental -they merely help us express our natures.

Re-reading this, it seems pseudish in the extreme, but I have no better words. I really want to know how others see this.

I am gradually migrating my blog from UK BDSM website, Informed Consent (due to close in February 2013), to this, my private blog and also to the new community website it seems most likely that c_b and I will use going forward, Fetbook. This blog “The Beauty of Service” was first published on Informed Consent on  4 April 2005. My private blog is belasarius.com
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