My D/s Beginnings

BelasariusI am migrating my blog from UK BDSM website, Informed Consent (which closed in February 2013), to this, my private blog. This piece “My D/s beginnings” was first published on Informed Consent on  21 March 2005.

This is my first blog. I’m not sure what will come of these, but I’m writing this to help me, and maybe others too, understand me better.

I thought I’d start with the story of how the D/s beast was awoken within me. It wasn’t my fault, honest: it was always there, but it wasn’t until something happened that I discovered this. Actually, it wasn’t until a long time after something happened that I came to terms with the feelings that I’d obviously had since I was quite small. I met a girl. She was an undergraduate at  a London college. My career was just getting to the interesting bit – you know, when you are finally trusted to screw up on your own. Anyhow, we’d been seeing each other for a while and enjoying a gratifyingly lusty vanilla life. We’d each got to the point of thinking about the other seriously. I travelled frequently and was often out of town for a day or two. Mobile phones had hardly been invented and she, the impecunious student, had no phone in her behind-Euston flat – so I pined a

Kings Cross, London - The departures board at ...
Kings Cross, London – The departures board at Kings Cross Station (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

lot when I was away from her. One Thursday, though she phoned me – she was at her Dad’s office and was determined not only to talk to me, but I guess to make me blush in front of my client.  The conversation didn’t last long, but she did ask me what I most wanted when I saw her again. I suggested she meet me at Kings Cross Station, naked and with a rose in her teeth.

Friday Night – There she was

The rose was in her teeth and she was wearing the pinkest macintosh you ever saw. Oh, and espadrilles (remember them?). I spotted her at 100 paces. And, at 20 paces I was certain she must either be wearing a skirt that was much shorter than any i’d seen her wear before or…

She would be my first and future s – but it was a rocky road getting there, more of which anon.

You’ve guessed. She was. And i wanted to get home fast. But, she absolutely insisted we go for a drink in the pub round the corner first…. I’ll draw a veil over the rest. But, it was a rermarkable weekend. I took her out for a curry on Sunday night before heading back to get ready for an early train to York (or it may have been Leeds). I told her I’d been truly gobsmacked by the pink mac incident. She was arch, she said she knew. I asked her why: She said “Because you asked me to. And, If I can, I will do anything you ask of me”. At the time I found this scary. I did not see a D/s dimension in it. Neither of us had, up to now mentioned the L word – I thought that was what she was working up to and I made my excuses and left. It was only quite a lot later that I understood that she knew what she wanted from a relationship and was trying to work out if she could get it  from me.

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Author: Belasarius

I possess the submission of curvy_bottom, we have a medium protocol, D/s relationship - based on the feeling that we are equa and opposite and that we love each other.

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