Matched Pair – 2 The Advertisement.

She hit return. Reluctantly. The laptop let out a small important bong . He patted her shoulder. He grinned. Her smile was less enthusiastic.  He’d been precise about what he wanted. She’d put his ideas into words. They’d spent the afternoon worrying those words into shape. This was the third and last fetish website they’d put it on.

She wasn’t convinced this was a good idea. A great fantasy, yes. And when he’d talked about it in bed that morning she participated eagerly, thinking it was just a game. It was the kind of game he played – “Desert Island Doms” he called it.

But he made it clear he was serious. And that he’d thought it through. He’d been clear about risks and pitfalls and thought them worth it. She was far less sure.

“I’m not looking for someone new for us to love” he said “I’m looking to please myself by making us a toy. Someone who is happy to be changed by me and who goes into it with her eyes fully open. I don’t care if you don’t like it. But I do care if you think it is going to change what we have. I’m going to do all I can to make sure that doesn’t happen. And that no-one involved feels more used than they want to be”.

Her pledge to him meant that this choice was his to make and that she had no choice but to help him make it possible. Well, she could say no. He’d been very clear about that from the beginning. Nothing for her hurt or shame and a no from her would always mean no: But it was up to her to make their shared dreams possible through compliance and obedience. Too many limits, they both knew, made what they were feel less than real. What he proposed was not designed to hurt her she knew, and he was sincere about hoping it would make her feel more, not less cherished.  But she felt a touch of jealousy already, just knowing that he wanted to make a reality of being a D/s household, rather than just him and her. Worse, he was planning to do to someone all the many things they’d agreed he couldn’t do to her. she was scared he’d put more effort into the new toy than he did into making herself uniquely his: She fought the idea – but knew she’d need to face him with it soon.

They looked at the screen:

We will rebuild you.

Established D/s couple require a girl to join their dynamic. You will have few or no tattoos or piercings at the moment but will want with all your heart and mind to take part in an extreme body modification programme over which you will have no control once we all agree your limits.

Initially this will be a one year contract, extendable by agreement, subject to a one month trial during which no permanent changes will be made to you. You will be paid a generous salary, plus free clothing, grooming, furnishing, board and lodging. You will have no cash at any time. Your salary will be paid into a trust fund that only you can use but which you will only access when you decide to leave or we let you go.

You will be able to agree limits on what is done to you but we will have no interest in anyone who does not have the widest possible boundaries. Nothing will be done to you without your full informed consent. Your consent will expect to extend to things (other than anything that is a permanent change to you that you absolutely agree you have consented to but may not wish to do at the time when they are demanded of you.

You will help with the running of the household, undertaking domestic duties and taking charge of the principal submissive’s personal grooming. You will be be sexually available as required and accept physical chastisement in the event of non-performance of any duty.

Persistent disobedience or lack of effort will end the contract.

Personal qualities should include a voracious sexual appetite, a desire to excel, diligence and an eye for detail. You won’t be content in this role if you do not have strong exhibitionist tendencies. You will enjoy formality in your personal relationships.

Replies to this advertisement within the next week will be considered for the post.There will be an assessment centre and interview before appointment.

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Author: Belasarius

I possess the submission of curvy_bottom, we have a medium protocol, D/s relationship - based on the feeling that we are equa and opposite and that we love each other.

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