Matched Pair: 14 – High heels and cold steel

c6552ac6446bcea8f2bdae10de169982_iThey ascended the narrow stairs, The Girl bringing up the rear. There was no handrail. Min turned back to find her crutches. The Girl had them already and, beaming, pushed Min forward, placing her arm under Min’s and around her chest, took some of her weight. Together they crabbed up the short flight of stairs. The girl, thoughtfully rolled one of Min’s long, thick, rosy nipples between her thumb and forefinger. “Bet you are very proud of those,” she said. Min mumbled her thanks as they emerged into the light of the house’s entrance hall.

In front of them the corridor widened into a Victorian tiled vestibule, mostly black and white but with a coat of arms set into the centre. To the left  were uncurtained, tall windows either side of a double front door. A second row of identical windows ran above the entrance. Even in the dark, the outside world’s ability to look in impressed the naked women. A huge chandelier blazed above their heads and the corridor to their right was dramatically lit by rows of sconces set into the panelled Wedgwood blue walls.  Turning, the women could see the hallway extended the full depth of the building. A wide, formal uncarpeted oak staircase with an ornate sweeping balustrade led to a gallery and upper rooms.

The girl led them through a door into an inner hall and along an oak boarded floor to a door on their left. They entered a long room with walls painted a light olive-green. In the centre of the room a long table, covered in a pure , starched white linen cloth, stood upon a large oriental carpet. The table had 12 heavy chairs, the wood dark with age. All had red leather seats. Only one place was set, at the end, where a very large, plain white oval plate lay slightly to one side of a carver chair with one set of cutlery placed to the side of the chair immediately to the left.

Looking beyond the table to the opposite end of the room they saw a long oak sideboard topped with covered platters and tureens, a tray of decanters, stacks of smaller plates and an enormous crystal bowl of fruit.

The room was tall and the outside wall was pierced with six equally spaced tall windows made up of small, square, leaded panes. There were heavy damask curtains, extending from floor almost to the plaster coving of the ceiling, but these were undrawn.

A log fire crackled in a large, decorative plaster fireplace set into the centre of the inside wall of the room. This room was less brightly lit than the hall had been and the flame’s reflections danced in the panes of the windows opposite. The wall was patterned with paintings of all shapes and sizes, framed to suit the art work and not the decor. Each was a landscape. Each featured a castle.

Four of the chairs were slightly drawn back from the table. on each seat was a white canvas bag, closed with a red ribbon. Each had a luggage tag. The tags  were labelled 1,2, 3 and 5.

“Please stand gracefully to the right of your chair,” required the girl.

The man entered the room. He now wore a plain black evening jacket, dress shirt and black tie. He looked dapper, though bulging pockets rather spoilt the cut of the suit. “Good evening and welcome” he said, sitting in the chair at the end of the table”.

“This is how we live,” said The girl. “We are doing nothing special or different because you are here. Or rather, because you are here we are doing nothing special or different. We want you to know what we expect if you become part of our family, for a time at least”.

“Please unpack your bag. It has gifts for you that you will take with you when you return home. Place the boxes on the table in front of you and the shoes on the floor beside you.”

“Five, in view of your injury there are no shoes for you,” said the man”.

The women did as instructed. Each bag contained a black and a red box and a pair of black patent stiletto-heeled court shoes.

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The man looked down the table. “Well done One” he said. The others looked at the tall girl but could see nothing to praise. “Of all of you'” the man continued. “One has placed her boxes most neatly and precisely. Whilst you are here, every act you perform should reflect well on you. it should be done with diligence, grace and elegance. The smallest of things matter here”.

“Please put on your shoes,” Instructed The girl. “One first”. The girls saw that the man was watching intently as, in turn, each of them slipped on their new heels. One and Three just stepped into theirs. Two pulled her chair further back from the table, sat, crossed her legs and carefully pulled on a shoe, demonstratively recrossing her legs to don its sister. She stood, put her chair back into position and stood behind it, hands crossed behind her back and eyes on the floor.

Five just coloured. She felt excluded and shamed. Looking around the room she saw a transformation. The other women now appeared almost identical in height. She looked down. One’s shoes were kitten heels, lifting her hardly at all. Compared to the way the others’ shoes lifted their buttocks the elegant, svelte One now looked just a little dumpy, even though she was still, by a short hair, the tallest in the room. Two stood confidently on three-inch heels.  Three tottered on even higher shoes, which also had a low platform sole.

“Before you eat you will serve” said the man. “But before you serve we will help you do so with elegance and grace. Remember – you are always at liberty to refuse anything I ask of you. Just say no if you don’t consent. Otherwise, I shall assume that you do”.

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“Let me show you how I help my girl to move in the way I like.” He beckoned to The Girl who walked over to the table and bent over it, lying flat across it, her breasts pressed to the tabletop and her arms stretched out at right angles, stretched and straining as far as her fingertips could reach. She had put on red court shoes, but, despite the  higher heel, still had to raise herself on tiptoe to assume the position.

The man took a small black box from one jacket pocket. He lifted the lid and raised it to show the women. It contained a small, shiny, curved object resting against the box’s scarlet silk lining. He lifted it out. and hefted it, the girls could see it was heavy. It had a bulb at one end that flowed into a narrow, curved, neck about three inches long. The object finished in a wide “D” shaped handle. He held it up. “Who knows what this is?”

steelThe women looked. Two opened her mouth to speak, thought better of it and put her hand up. So did Three – and then Five.

“Anyone used one?” Two kept her hand up.

“It’s regular wear around here,” said the man. “In fact, if you are required to come to us at any point you should be wearing this, your shoes and our other little present. To forget is to fail. As with anything asked of you by me”.

He spat on the end of the little butt-plug and placed a finger on the small of The Girl’s back. She pushed her arms back and pulled her buttocks apart. He moistened his finger in his mouth, rubbed a little of the spittle against her anus and then pushed the stainless steel plug in, unhurriedly, until the D-shaped handle nestled against her hole. He took his finger from her back, she released her buttocks and the plug disappeared from view.

He took a red box from his other pocket as The girl rose from the table. She turned and her back to the table, raised herself onto its top. She lay back again and raised her legs in a high wide “V”. She pointed her toes and grasped her breasts mounding them with her hands.

He opened the box. Inside were two stainless steel balls. A cord ran through them, ending in a loop at one end.thumb

He felt The girl. “Moist enough”. He shook the balls. They jingled softly. He addressed the women: “The more elegantly you move,” he said “the less noise you will make”.

He slipped his hand into the girl and twisted it gently, opening her. he removed his hand and replaced it with the first ball, pushing it’s fellow swiftly in behind it. The loop of cord was all that could be seen. He stroked her leg and The Girl stood up and shuffled off the table childishly. She stood and positioned herself behind the chair next to the man. He looked at her, a little quizzically. “If you want elegance”, she said “don’t use a table-cloth. Too much friction”. He smiled. She tossed her hair and snorted. He frowned.

“The Girl will now fill each of you. You know what to do. If you don’t consent to this  just remain standing”.

All four stepped forward. Three of them leant down onto the table. The last, One, raised her hand. He nodded. “Please sir, nothing has been in there before..”

“But plenty has come out,”he said “It’s no worse than that”.

One bent too.

“Anyway” said The Girl, “Unlike me, you get lubed”.

The Girl took a silver tray from the left hand end of the sideboard. She removed the white, starched napkin that had covered the tray’s contents: on it were a small bottle of lubricant, a pack of wet-wipes, a pile of latex gloves, a black marker pen and a silver dish. She carried the tray to where One stood.

The girl put the tray on the table and put on a latex glove, snapping the wrist band loudly. She lubed the forefinger of her right hand. “Finger first” she said to One and placed the forefinger of her other hand on One’s back. One held her buttocks as far apart as she could, finding it was a real effort to stay still and flat on the table.

The girl pushed her lubed finger against One’s anus and then, without warning, pushed it through the sphincter. One grunted. she felt the finger rotating, then stretching her. One felt a sensation that felt like shitting and not-shitting: Familiar and not familiar. The finger pushed down and One was instantly reminded of how close her anus was to her vagina. The diagram from Grey’s anatomy filled her mind. she lifted her hips in response: She felt her body warm to what was happening. “Still” whispered The Girl. The finger withdrew. She heard The Girl sniff and say “She’s clean”. The finger returned to her back and she stretched her cheeks apart again. She felt something bigger than the finger push against her entrance. It wasn’t just bigger. It was cold. Not comfortably so. She did her best  to relax as her plug was pushed firmly home. She felt the t-bar of the handle nestling against her cleft.

The finger left her back and One let go of her buttocks. “Cunt please dear'” said The Girl. One rose and positioned herself as The Girl had.earlier. The thing in her bum felt quite secure. It did not slip or slide as she moved to position herself for the next insertion. She saw the Girl wiping her finger clean, she dropped the wet-wipe into the dish on the tray and pulled on another latex glove.

“Touch yourself, The Girl instructed, “Are you wet or do you need lube?” One put her hand between her legs and allowed the tip of a single, French-manicured finger to rub over her clitty, lightly tracing a tight oval. The Girl slapped her hand. “Touch yourself – not play with yourself. All that is needed is to know if you are wet”.

“I’m wet… err” One hesitated.

“I’m wet… girl” prompted the other: “Are you sure? You haven’t actually checked.”

“I’m sure Girl”.

The Girl opened One’s red box and took out her set of balls. She ran a latex covered finger between One’s neat, tiny labia, hardly visible beneath the thick, curly, springy, dark brown pubic hair. The girl moved her finger from side to side, opening One.

One felt the first cold ball pushed against her. This was a welcoming, familiar feeling. She relaxed as The girl pushed both balls snuggly into her and smiled in thanks. She stood. Confident. She’d been doing Kegels for years and knew exactly how to hold her new friends in. But being full behind, and with something rigid and unyielding, changed the feeling completely. She rocked slightly forward and back and then side to side and felt the balls moving against the curved rod in her behind. She smiled to herself and at The Girl – and then at the man. She could get used to this. He smiled back. She tried a twerk, just to see what she could do to herself. He frowned. She stopped. The Girl giggled.

The Girl moved to Two, who was swiftly plugged behind and then filled in front. She stood, nervously, her thighs tight together.

Three raised her hips to accept The girl’s finger, which was withdrawn and sniffed. “Dirty'” said the girl. “Five demerits “said the man.

“But, hey, I can’t help that” yelped Three. “You can” said the man “My girl showed you all how I believe. There’s no excuse.

“Five demerits” he repeated. the girl took the felt tip pen and marked Three’s buttock with four vertical lines, crossed with a fifth horizontal one. The girl filled Three.

It was Five’s turn. She didn’t need lube. but she didn’t say. So many objects and so many cocks had been up her arse. that this was easy. It was also, she though, disgusting. Being taken up the shitter had always been about hurting her; about making sure she felt quite worthless. But The Girl was gentle: Five wasn’t used to that. In went the cold steel, slowly and with a firm, determined gentleness. “Comfy?” she was asked. She’d never thought of this as being anything to do with comfort.

The man was speaking: “We are doing this because it works for my girl and we hope it will work for you too. It’s not about making you feel submissive, or humiliated. It is a reminder that your primary purpose is to be a sexual being even when you are serving here, or, let’s say, gardening or doing the dishes.

“Its my way of providing you with a constant reminder of your purpose, which is to enhance my girl’s and my life by being decorative, decorous, graceful playthings. If this purpose pleases you, you may be happy here”.

Five turned to accept her Ben-wa balls and saw The Girl smiling down at her without a trace of contempt or loathing “Good girl”, she whispered to Five. The balls went in easily. She arched her hips experimentally, hoping not to be noticed. She felt full.   She felt exalted. Special. She couldn’t help grinning as she resumed her place beside her chair.

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Matched Pair: 13 – Five speaks

Three stopped speaking, put her feet together,and then placed her left leg behind her right and dipped, keeping her back straight, her arms behind her back and her eyes on the floor. She took a step back, turned away and returned to the chair.

After a moment, The Girl turned to Five. Minny looked away, then smiled, tentatively.

“Last and maybe least”. said The Girl.

Min’s goat was got. “Not so!” she said, “the woman we left at the station was least – not me”.

“True.” The girl opened Five’s folder and took out her kink-o-gram. “But of those left here – definitely least. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a certain appeal. He thinks you are fresh meat. And, there is a certain something in naivety.”

“There’s something else” asked Five/Min. “Why are there only four beds and sleeping bags next door. Its’ like you never intended to have everyone here?”

“That’s true. He didn’t.The first cull was always going to be at the station. It wasn’t whimsical either. He thinks the last four would get the right idea if he sent one home early. And he thought that one of you, at least, would give a disastrous first impression. He’s my man right or wrong, so it’s not for me to second guess – but I would have picked the same woman to send home. She was disobedient, full of herself and out to snare an impressionable Dom with her subly whiles. A little bit like Two, here – but much more obviously intolerable”.

All looked at Two. Two remained silent. The girl patted Two’s knee: “That’s good dear”.

“Now, Five…”


Five’s chart was quite different from the others. Only in two areas did the stripes of the kink-o-gram reach the edge – she’d scored fives for “Master, mistress and slave” and “corsetry – occasional”. Very few of her other scores exceeded one out of five. Some had minus scores.

“He thinks you are interesting five. Your kinkiness quotient is absurdly low at 15% and it only gets that high because your lifestyle score is 28. Your score for interest in sex is four times your interest in play, which is something I suppose”.

Five felt humiliated and didn’t like it: “It’s all right for you lot,” she shouted and rushed into the bathroom, slamming the grill “you’ve done this stuff before. I haven’t”. Five twisted out of sight. Unseen, she slumped to the tiled floor.

The Girl stared at the grill and then looked at the other women, putting a finger to her lips.

They waited.

Once or twice one of the girls made to speak but The Girl made a sign for silence.

Eventually,  Five limped out.

“Okay.” said Five, “I’ve not much to say.

“I tried to be honest. I don’t know if I’m going to like any of this stuff you or your bloke want to do to me. I think I do – but I don’t know. So I said I was unsure because it’s true. Because I don’t know”.

“And I said I liked Master, mistress and slave because I thought that would be what you were looking for. But, honest, that’s what I think I want too. I want to belong somewhere and belong to someone and I don’t want to be on my own”.

“And I put corsets down because it’s easier than dieting. I know I’m too curvy, but I reckon I’d look like Betty Boop if you cinched my middle in. I’ve got good boobs and a nice round arse. I can look ok”.

“And, I’ve read every book I could find on this sort of life. So, even if my chances are fucked I’m staying. I’m going to get everything I can from this weekend”.

Min thought she should have said that life for her had always been about someone else, but not about her. But she said nothing more.

A gong sounded from the main house. “Dinner time.” said The girl.

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Matched Pair: 12 – Three’s tale

The girl opened another manilla folder. The one with “3” on the cover. Out came the kink-o-gram.


“You’re a slut aren’t you.” said The girl. Blonde, blousey Three grinned happily.

“Your kinkiness quotient is 99%. How did you do that! You are more into sex than play, but not by much – Sex get’s 96% and play was 81%. Lifestyle is down at 60%. You nearly didn’t get shortlisted because of that. Tell us more, please”.

Three stood, dropped her towel, turned and faced the CCTV camera directly, placed her feet about 30cms apart and with the toes turned outwards. she crossed her hands behind her back and dropped her head slightly so she wasn’t looking directly at the camera.

Sir, this girl begs forgiveness for displeasing you earlier and begs understanding that she is speaking to the camera and not the other girls. This girl thinks you will look at the tape and this girl wants to speak this for her possible master”.

“Sir, this girl is happy when she pleases another and happiest when the pleasure of another means I get to be a plaything”.

“Sir this girl is for use and eager to please. All sorts of sex is enjoyed with all sorts of people but his girl does not like to have sex with other girls unless that is her master’s pleasure.”

“Sir this girl has been a professional submissive for three years now. Sir, this girl left school at sixteen and worked in a supermarket and then in a trainer store. This girl moved out from Mum when she was eighteen and could not make ends meet. This girl became a street whore.”

“Sir, when broadband was got at home and this girl fond BDSM on the web she realised that there was a word for people like me”. She blushed at the lapse and stopped. “The word was slave“.

“Sir, this girl knew she could use her submission to make much more money than she did on street corners. She became a professional submissive and has enjoyed satisfying the dreams and fantasies of many men and a few women”.

“This girl is turned on by pain and other sensations. She likes being controlled and constricted. It’s easy to give customers what they want.

“But this girl has her own dreams and does not want to be a submissive any more. Sir, this girl wishes to live a life consenting to be the property of someone. This girl would be honoured to be called slave”.

Three stopped, sighed. Took a deep breath.

“Sir, this girl would like to be sir’s property for as long as sir wishes.

“Sir, this girl wishes to be made into an object that men like sir will see as someone they can adore, because they can use me as they wish”.

“Sir, She has no need to become an object of deep affection but, please, to be rewarded for good service: she begs that she may be allowed to serve and, if she displeases, to be given or sold to a person that Sir is confident will take on this girl’s ownership in a kindly way”.

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Matched Pair: 11 – Two’s story

One looked up at the others.

“Only one of us can get this,” she said “there has to be a winner. I wish there didn’t”. Minnie privately agreed, she knew that this weekend was going to be all she got – and she was going to enjoy every minute. Over the next 48 hours she was going to be who she wanted to be, no more no less.

“Two,” The girl smiled, “your turn, I think.”

Two had taken the end of the sofa most directly opposite the CCTV camera fixed high on the wall in the corner of the room. She had tucked her towel  around her breasts (the largest in the room – larger even than the girl’s, thought Min), and draped it to emphasise her deep cleavage. she sat with legs swept to one side and ankles crossed. her back was straight and the towel had been separated so her tight, slim belly was visible. Her legs were discreetly together but she still looked immodest. Enough of her belly was displayed to see that her pubis was bare and hairless. She had finished vigorously brushing her dark hair and was busy pinning it back up in the bun she had worn before the shower. She took out the kirby grips she had held between her teeth.

“Bring it on. The competition, I mean,” said Two “I’m here to get what I want and I’ll give all I can to get it. My Dom – well my ex-Dom – called me ‘Gillette’ because he said I was the best a man could get. That’s what I aim to be”.

“And I do see it as a competition. And I reckon all’s fair and all that… I will be trying to do better than the rest of you”.

The girl opened two’s manilla folder and handed round two’s kink-o-gram.


“You are certainly a very different woman from One” she said “Two, you are 24% kinky. Your lifestyle score was 16%. You were higher on play – 22% and highest on sex – 32%, even thought there are some things you won’t do. Why do you think you are here?”

“Because I want to be the best”. Two didn’t pause to reflect.

“I’ll give your man, and you, what you want. Yes, I’ll even cook and clean to get what I want. I want to walk out of here in a year or so ready to get what you have”. Two looked straight at The girl.

“I’ve read his blogs. I’ve read yours. I know how you live. I nearly had that but the guy wouldn’t commit. I know I can be irresistible to the best sort of Dom and I reckon your guy knows how to make me into a sub that would match any Dom’s fantasy. And I get paid for it. C’mon girls – whoever gets this will have a queue of Doms forming. This is a ticket to a future of being adored and respected and looked after. And we will get to choose. And, right now the opportunity not to work and not to have rent to pay is good too. A year here could turn my finances around”.

“I know what I want, I want the opportunity to build a home for me and my partner. I want to keep him interested in me by giving him what he wants. And I want to be someone other women look at and admire for what I’ve got”.

“Yes, I’m going to be completely selfish about this. But I don’t think that will matter to the right man. He’ll know that by giving me what I want he’ll get everything he wants. There won’t be any compromises.

“I’ve had it. twice. Once the guy wouldn’t give up on the idea of kids. I’m not going to be a mum for anyone. I had my tubes tied the same time I got my tits done. It was a tidy little divorce: he even paid for my lawyer”.

“The second time I found what I really wanted. It’s still what I want now. I found a guy who wanted what I wanted to be. He was happy for me to be the cook in the kitchen and the slut in bed. I just had to be a homemaker and a whore and I got the house, the Merc soft-top, the holiday villa in Marbella.”

“I had these done for him”. She flashed the lovebirds on her ankles, “I think they are lovely, don’t you? I’d love to have some more – if they were as pretty as these.”

“OK, he wouldn’t marry me. But when it came to it I could take that. But he wanted others. I’m a one man woman and i expect the same. OK, I don’t mind playing with other women. But we all know the way that goes, don’t we girls? I don’t want my man to compare me to anyone else. Especially someone like me who’ll give him all he wants – but maybe is just a little younger, or prettier. I certainly don’t want to share. That guy always made the point that any others would just be toys – but who wants to take the risk?”

She looked at The Girl, “I’m surprised you agreed to this. But you are safe with me. I will move on when he’s finished with me – or when I feel ready. But I will give him all I can and when I move on I will be value for somebody’s money”.

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Matched Pair: 10 – One’s story

“First,” said The Girl, ” you have noooooo privacy. As you were told in your joining email, there is CCTV in every room down here. He or I may or may not be watching at any time. Everything is recorded. Upstairs there is no surveillance.”

“So, we don’t know much about you and you don’t know much about us. Now is the time to put the first bit of that right. In fact, the whole of this week end is about us getting to know you – and about you deciding whether you’d like to spend more time with us. ” She smiled. “until we offer one of you that opportunity and you come back here all you need to know  is that he will make your dreams come true – if they are true dreams. He will use you to make every area of our life more comfortable and convenient. He will amuse himself with you. He will use you to help me service him better. But we only want to do this with someone who passionately wants to submit to this – someone who will feel bigger and stronger because of what we can all do together.

“We want to make this  dream come true for all of us. We hope you will be fulfilled and happy. But it won’t be about you”. She frowned slightly “Never forget that, for us, you are a means to an end. It should be the same for you: Be as selfish as you can. We certainly will be”.

“One, would you like to tell us why you are here?”. The girl took a manilla folder with  “One” written on it, opened it and took out two sheets of paper. the first was the kink picture produced by the spreadsheet the man had sent her. The second was, she saw, her email pleading to be asked for interview.

The girl handed the kink-o-gram to Three: “Take a look and pass it on'” she said.


“Number One – we nearly didn’t invite you at all. When he looked at this he noticed you seem to have a very ordinary libido. Our ad. asked for people with a ‘voracious sexual appetite“. You really don’t do you dear?” One held the Girl’s gaze for a moment but then blushed. “I do really” One said.

The Girl continued “But then he looked at your kinkiness quotient – you scored 77%, despite only a six per cent rating for sex. You had a 96% rating for lifestyle factors. That really wowed him”.

“And, in your email, you said you wanted the opportunity to be ‘unrecognisably different’. What are you all about dear?”

One looked at her feet. Her blush deepened. She looked at the floor and played with her long auburn plait.

“Now is not a time to hide anything”. The girl patted One on a knee and lifted her chin :we are all listening.”

One licked her dry lips and sighed. She looked at her neatly manicured hands for a moment. Then she started to speak:

“I want to be like Cathie Jung or Valeria Lukyanova. I want to be in my seventies and still noticed – or famous for being different – like those real live Russian and Ukrainian Barbie doll girls.

I know I’m beautiful. I know men look at me. But they want to marry me, not to fuck me. I’ve got the kind of beauty other women appreciate, but don’t feel threatened by. I could be anyone’s sister.

English: Madonna in the infamous black corset ...
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“I’ve been noticed all my life. But not for being me.

“If you choose me then I will remind you I have a choice too. If I come here, everything will be a means to an end for me. You and your man will get what you want out of me so I can get what I want. I could afford to do this anyway. But I don’t think I have the guts – not if I am still with Daddy and Mummy. I’m 28 and I am still their little girl. Their little girl, the doctor. Their little girl who no man is good enough for. Their little girl who has always been exactly what they wanted.

“When I was tiny I was the best at ballet. I won nearly all my gymnastics competitions. When I was bigger I was given anything I wanted, as long as it was something they wanted too.

“And Mummy wanted to keep me special for Daddy. Don’t get me wrong. I am not talking about funny business or abuse. Daddy really loves me and I think Mummy wants me to stay their  little girl because, if I don’t, I will break the spell between the two of them.

“I don’t think I can ever be me if I don’t get away from them. Yes, I know there are loads of ways I could do that don’t involve becoming an object. Because that’s what you are doing – isn’t it? I think I can only be me if I spoil me for them. That will free me.

“And no, I’m not much into sex. Not with other people. But I don’t think it’s true I have no libido. I make myself come most nights. Some days too. It’s one part of me that belongs to me alone. And I have so many fantasies about living the kind of life I read about in stuff like “The Marketplace“. If all I get out of this is a couple of days living the dream that that seems good to  me. But I’m deadly serious about this job. From what you’ve said so far it is the key to the future I’ve always dreamed of.

“I’m no virgin. But the only men I’ve had are ones that got through Mummy’s net. They deserved me, for all the effort they went to. But they didn’t interest me – because I knew they’d been selected as suitable candidates for husbands. And husbands that Mummy would find biddable,

“I’ve not met anyone that I wanted to fuck since my flatmate at medical school. She turned my knees to jelly because she just took charge. I don’t think I care if it’s a man or a woman who has me as long as they are in charge. Properly in charge. Not a bully. Not a fantasist.

“It wasn’t sexual at first. Actually not for a long time. But I knew I wanted to please her from our second night together. I’d hated uni halls but I thought I was going to hate living off campus even more. Even though she was already my best pal. She was always out. Always partying and I never was. But on that second night she made me have a good time. ‘We are going to a party’ she said. ‘We are going to meet some guys first at Windy City and then boogie the night away. Well, boogie is the least I expect.’

“I told her no many, many times, But she took no notice. ‘You’ll love it when you get there’ she said. I said I’d come for the meal. We tipped up at this exotic knightsbridge pizza place dolled up like crazy. She made me wear some of her clothes – stuff I’d never wear – a green minidress with a wide leather belt and stilettos much higher than I’d ever dare. I felt amazzzinnggg. We had a table for two. I asked her where the boys were? She said ‘just look, they are all over the place. You’re the bait’.

“She eye’d up a few – far too obviously I thought – until one came over. He was no great shakes, but Shelagh just pitched in, talked about the party and invited him – and his mates. By about 10;30 we’d lined up a dozen guys and one girl. Shelagh gave them all an address in St John’s Wood and she, me, the girl and one guy whizzed off. Most of the rest got there too. I didn’t know anyone, but Shelagh whirled me round, introducing me, dancing with me, drinking with me. I could see she was after the girl, but that was going nowhere. We both pulled and I ended up going back with some unmemorable guy to Finchley. It was ok. But I just wanted to be with her. I’m not a lesbian It wasn’t about sex or lust.. I’d been looked after. She’d let me be me and made sure I felt good and happy and safe: But she hadn’t wrapped me in cotton wool.

“I was with her for four years nearly and I always felt free. I was never her girlfriend – though we did sleep together when she didn’t have male company. And yes, sometimes we fucked. But I always felt free because I knew she was making me be who she wanted me to be. But not like Mummy and Daddy. With them I am always the little girl. Shelagh knew I was a monster inside and she let me be that. She wanted me to be who I really was and she took pleasure in taking and using that for herself. And she never made excuses for it.

“I’ve tried finding a dominant and building him in to my life. But it doesn’t work. I can’t give in whilst Mummy is around. And Daddy just acts like I’m letting him down whenever I’m with anybody. It nearly worked once. But he cared too much about me to change me. Which really meant he didn’t care at all – didn’t it?

“So, I have to get away. And I have to become someone  I am proud of. I’ve spent my life chained up. All you can do is free me”.

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Matched Pair: 9 – Indelible Marker

The man disappeared, black bin-liners in tow.

They all made their safe calls. All except number one – she said she hadn’t arranged one, which prompted frowns from The Girl. It had been a requirement But, for the others, friends knew they had arrived and that so far, nothing untoward had happened to them.

“Let me give you all a quick tour” said The girl bustling them through. “There really isn’t much. This will be where the girl we choose is kept when we don’t need her. It will be appropriately furnished”. It was a bare, whitewashed room with a stone flagged floor. The only furniture was the antique, oak framed red velvet covered chaise they’d been sitting on and a long low table in front of it fitted, they noticed, with polished stainless steel eyebolts at each corner and halfway down each side.

The door from the kitchenette was behind them. In the centre of the wall facing them was a strongly built wooden planked door. to their right was another exit, barred by black wrought iron bars.

“You’ve seen the little kitchen as you came in, of course. The stairs go up to the main house and that door at the end there goes to our playroom, You might see it later. At the moment it’s where he gives me a good going over when he feels like it. Oh, and sometimes we have small parties”.

“This is the bedroom.” She swung open the bars and bustled them in. There were four camp beds and sleeping bags and that was it. The floor was bare, new, concrete and the walls were emulsioned white. A bare bulb lit the room at the end of which was another barred entrance. A stack of white, fresh, pump towels lay folded on a side table. A white towelling robe, equally fluffy both inside and out, hung beside the door: “Ablutions” said The girl. “Let’s shower”. They walked in to the room behind rthe second set of bars which was tiled, floor, walls and ceiling. The floor sloped slightly toward one corner. The girl turned a faucet by the door and cold water jetted from a nozzle set into the ceiling. The girls screamed and jumped back – but in a second or two it warmed and they gathered round it. The shower faucet was unusual, directly behind it a short length ofheavyweight galvanised chain descended a few inches from a bolt in the ceiling at the end of which swung a six inch diameter steel ring. The wall was studded with strong steel u-bolts, eight of them, in the middle of each side of the room, four at ankle height and four around a metre from the floor.

“Me first” said The Girl. She moved to the centre of the room, letting the water cascade over her. “Come on then, wash me.” She smiled, standing, akimbo, legs planted apart, shaking her head to keep the droplets out of her eyes. “There is shampoo and stuff over their”. She pointed.

One, Two, Three and fFve looked at each other. “Hair first please, said The Girl, kneeling. One selected a bottle from a row on a glass and chrome shelf by the door, squirted a little on her fingertips and sniffed. “Wow”, she said. “Jo Malone, lime, basil and mandarin” said The girl, ” he likes me tropical at the moment. Can you use the coconut body wash and moisturiser please.”

Two ran her fingers along the row of bottles, finding the right unguents. As she walked over to The girl Min noticed that she wasn’t quite as naked as the rest of them: what she had thought were bows on the heels of her seamed stockings were actually tattoos of a pair of bluebirds, kissing, one pair on each ankle. Three moved to the centre of the room to join in and Min noticed she too had ink. Entwined Celtic beasts, in black, adorned her lower back.

The girl stood again and let her handmaids slither their hands over every inch of her. When two dithered over her bald pubis The girl took two’s hand and put it between her legs, dipping slightly to make herself as accessible as possible. Soon, they were done and the three giggling girls stepped back from the object of their attention.

“Five.” The Girl knelt again and this time put her head on the tiled floor so that her but tucks were raised. “He may wish to bugger me. A douche will suffice”.

“Madam, I’ve never done this,” said Min.

“Five, you must never call me anything but ‘girl’. I am his. I am never to be given a title of any sort by anyone except him. And I will never ask you to do anything for me that is for my pleasure alone. The person he chooses will be a pleasure object for him if he doesn’t want me or if I am not available. Whichever of you is chosen will help me be the best I can be for him. I will never have authority over another. He has already said he can see times when the woman he chooses will be given some authority over me”.

“Five, you will need the little blue bulb with the nozzle attached. It is in the second drawer over there”.

This "fountain syringe" should only ...
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Five hobbled across and opened the drawer. Amongst a confusion of plastic pipes, tubing and tubes of lube was something that looked like a hot water bottle. She lifted it. Under it was a blue rubber bulb with a much more rigid white plastic nozzle, about ten centimetres long and about half a centimetre wide, protruding from the front.

“It’s easy. Unscrew the nozzle and fill the bulb with water at about blood heat.  Colder is ok. But I’ll schqueem and schqueem. It’s up to you, but it would be nice if you were kind. Hotter and you will damage me. Don’t.”

“just put a little lube on the end and shove it into me when you are ready. Then just gently squeeze the bulb until I’m full, Pull it out when the bulb is empty. Gently would be nice. Don’t forget to stand well back. But this isn’t like an enema. I’m pretty empty and I doubt I’ll be shitting anything. I won’t need the loo”.

Five took the thing over to the washbasin, prepared it, and dragged her foot and herself to The Girl. she stood behind her.

A rectal "bulb" syringe that can be ...
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Five realised she would have to kneel. One saw this and moved forward to help her down. Five asked for some lube and, instead of anointing the douche’s nozzle she put a little on her finger. She rubbed it around the puckered anus and then applied a little more to her digit. She pushed  against the entrance. Except she didn’t have to. The Girl opened up for her and her finger slipped inside, easily passing both sphincters.

“Is the lube really necessary?” Asked Five.

“Not really, but I thought you guys might find it useful” said The Girl.

Another thought occurred to Minnie: “Would your bloke want me to use warm water. Or would he want to hear you yell?” She asked.

“Oh you clever thing.”. The Girl was now pulling Five’s finger in further with firm, strong movements from her rings of rectal muscle.  “Good question. If he wanted me made uncomfortable he would have told me and I would have told you. In any case this is just part of my evening routine”.

Five removed her finger and instantly replaced in with the nozzle of the douche. She squeezed gently feeling the tepid water flow into The girl, who mewed contentedly.

The bulb empty, Five gently pulled  it backwards. This time the girl didn’t help. “I’ll hold it in while you move out of the way,” she said. But Five could not get up and One again knelt to help her. As she did The Girl let go.  With a quiet thwapping noise a thin jet of liquid pulsed out of The Girl’s arse, gushing over Five’s knee and One’s arm and tummy. It turned into a stream and then a trickle which was neither discoloured nor smelt – it seemed as much clean water as when it went it in.

“Was I brown?” asked The Girl. “Ewwww…” said One, more in mockery than outrage. “No” said Min – making herself be as matter fo fact as she could.

“Excellent” said The Girl, standing. “Right, everyone get clean, I’m going to get dry”. She walked to the door grabbing a towel from the pile and the sole bathrobe.

“Hose me down” said One. “sure” said Five, Two moved to the door and turned the shower back on. Two and five washed each other down whilst the other two waited and then took their own turn.

When the four came out they all grabbed towels and dried off rapidly, One and Three also making turbans for their long hair.

The Girl was reclining on the sofa, be-robed and turbaned, her feet, in white towelling slippers, were propped on the low table in front of her. Next to her feet  was a thick, black felt-tip pen. “It’s a cd marker. It’ll come off fairly quickly of you really scrub – but if you let it fade it takes about a week to go, even if you shower every day”.

“As always, it’s up to you at the moment. Anyone not want to be marked?”

It seemed trivial to Min. No-one said no.

The girl got up and took Min’s towel: Carefully she outlined “5” on her left breast. The number was about 12 cms high. She filled in the outline until there was a thick, highly visible, black figure there. She turned Min round and did the same on her right buttock.

“Don’t touch or sit down for a minute or two dear”. The girl moved on down the line and inked the remaining candidates.

“Now”, she said, her task complete: “Let’s get to know each other”.

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Matched Pair: 8 – The Basement


Three followed him across the gravel.

“Why?”, he asked.

“Because this girl thought it would please you”. She was careful not to catch his eye.

“Make a habit of thinking for others do you?”.

“No… sir”.

“I’m definitely not pleased. Not yet”. he stopped. She stopped. He  folded  his arms and looked her up and down. she was shivering fiercely now and her teeth were chattering.

“Get out of those wet things”. She looked around. “It doesn’t matter if we are alone or not” he said. She unbuttoned her mini skirt and pulled he blouse over her head. She was wearing a bra. “That too” he said. She complied, bundling her clothes up and clutching them in front of her chest. “Shoes”. she shucked them off. Instantly, she was tiny.

“Follow me”. There was a light now glowing from the house and they moved toward it.

They walked across the yard, briskly. She hobbled as she put her weight, step by step on the sharp gravel.. He took her wrist and guided her around the side of the house. Ahead was a well-lit stairwell, surrounded by wrought iron railings. He motioned her down. It was just a single flight down to a flagstone paved area a couple of metres wide. A wooden panelled door was open ahead of her and beyond that was light and a hubbub of conversation. Three looked right and could see patio windows extending the length of the space. Inside were the other three candidates, together on a heavily embroidered crimson sofa. The Girl was sitting opposite in a strange-looking chair, straight-backed and armless, with a seat held just off the floor by stumpy lion’s claw legs. The back was as wide as the seat, fully upholstered and with a narrow  bar, also padded, across the top that extended a few inches either side of the back. The Girl was naked. Unashamed. She had pulled her long, straight blonde hair free of its ponytail and was running her fingers through it and pulling and smoothing the mass of it over one shoulder, covering a breast and framing her face.

Girl with blonde hair

The Girl didn’t look vulnerable. She was clearly content in her nakedness and holding court.

The man ushered Three through the door into a small kitchen and then through an adjoining door into the room with the others.

“Darling, You were quick. I hope it’s right that I did not get started without you?”. She smiled. He nodded.

Min  sat herself on the arm of the sofa. There had been room to sit until Three had returned, but she knew getting up would be easier from the arm than the seat and she did not want to look clumsy. She looked at the man. he’d taken off his waxed jacket. He wore jeans and a blue jumper. The narrow collar of a light-coloured checked wool shirt protruded over the pullover’s neck, He had a round open face, with cool green eyes. He didn’t look overweight – but he didn’t look like he worked out either. He went and stood by the side of The Girl. She definitely didn’t work out. She was voluptuous. The girl had an almost constant smile and exuded a sort of homely friendliness. Min had yet to see the man look other than sullen, or quiet, or serious.

The girl rose from the chair and the man took the seat. She was tall, much taller than the man and this disguised her plumpness. Min thought her own tummy was a little smaller than The Girl’s but she was shorter – she didn’t look like a renaissance artist’s model. She’d been called Rubenesque before, but only, she knew because her lovers were being kind: She was fat.  She could never be naked in front of strangers like this.

The girl faced the man, put her palms together, straightened her elbows, placed her left foot behind her right, touching and at right ankles to it, and lowered her head until she was looking at his lap. The girl stood quite still. From behind she looked rounded, like a cello. The man nodded and she moved to the side of his chair, pulling out a large plump cushion from the base of a set of drawers and bookcases that lined the back of the large room. she sat, at his feet, back straight and legs curled under her. Min thought she looked amazing. She looked over to the bedraggled Three, standing dripping and naked on the tiled floor. Three was staring at the scene, Open-mouthed. Enraptured.

The girl clapped. “Silence” said the man, unnecessarily. He looked at his partner and Min saw him smile. His eyes twinkled, Suddenly he looked as avuncular as The Girl looked the mother hen. “Speak”, he said.

“Darlings. Welcome. We are so pleased you all came. We are going to spend the weekend getting to know you. Next week, after you’ve gone home,  he will decide who we would like to become our housegirl and playmate. He chooses – but he has agrees I can say no to his choice. So you must please both of us. We hope you will get to know us too, over the next couple of days and that whoever he chooses will want to spend the next year with us”.

“Tonight we are going to relax and get to know each other a bit. The only rule is you don’t ask us, or your fellow girls, your names or where you come from.”

“My man is going to leave us until supper, so it’s all girls together.”

“First though, some admin. At bedtime you will be locked in here. There will be a glass bottle on the kitchen table containing the key to the door to the main house – up the stair behind me – and the door you came through just now. The bottle is sealed with wax. You will not be able to open it undetectably. We expect you to stay here. But, in the event of a dire emergency you can use this to escape”.

“Number One, there are four black sacks on the table on your side of the sofa. Hand them out to your companions.

“Can you each put your clothes and any other personal belongings except your phones in the black sacks and then tie the lanyard you have been given around the neck of the sack. My man will take these away and return them to you before you all catch your train on Sunday.”

“Or before if you misbehave” added the man.

They looked at each other. By the door, Three was clearly wondering what to do with her stinking, soaking skirt and blouse. “In your bag like the rest” he said.

One looked the most unsure. Minnie stood: “It’s what I came here for. Can I keep the boot?” The man nodded.

Three was shoving all her stuff into her sack, rolling the top of the sack together and tying it into rabbits ears – she pulled the lanyard from around her neck and tied it around the bag.

One was helping Minnie to unstrap her boot and to pull off her leggings Min was already out of her coat, hoodie and top and reaching round to unhook her bra.

Two stood and removed her jacket, folding it carefully, She unzipped her skirt and wiggled it down to her ankles, lifting her feet out of it without removing her shoes and then laying the skirt on the jacket.

She unbuttoned the plain, white high collared blouse and folded that too. She stood there. Black fully fashioned stockings were held up by a four strap, wide , black suspender belt. Her breasts were presented on a balconette polka-dotted bra. There were no knickers. Her pubis was smooth and pink and bald. She almost posed and then completed the business of getting naked.

Stepping away with Min’s surgical boot in her hand One realised she was the only clothed woman left in the room. She blushed. “May I help her?” asked The Girl. The man nodded.

The girl unfolded her long legs, stood and walked over to Number One. She lifted One’s arms over her head and turned her so she was facing the windows into the moonlit garden. The girl put her thumbs into one’s waistband and then knelt, pulling down One’s leggings and knickers in one swift movement. She turned her again so One faced the man. The girl took hold of One’s cashmere jersey and tee-shirt and hauled them unceremoniously over her head as one garment. One felt a seam go in one of the sleeves as The Girl wrenched it over the shoulder. Instinctively One pushed The Girl away but she was fast and strong. The Girl grabbed One’s wrist and twisted and pushed it up her back, turning her again. Letting go she pushed One down onto the sofa and sat on her, reaching down and pulling her boots off and the leggings and panties from around her ankles.

The girl stood and delivered a resounding slap to One’s left buttock, then tugged her to her feet and kissed her full on the mouth. One responded. The girl drew away, grinning and resumed her seat on the floor by the man. He leaned down to The Girl. “You take much upon yourself”.

He looked at the candidates. “Modesty will get you nowhere and everywhere” he said.

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