Fitting in a fucktoy

aveburysarsenTNThere I am plunging energetically into curvy_bottom. Someone else is sitting behind me fondling my balls as I slide in and out of my darling. I ask the person behind me to put her head between both our legs so I can feel my testicles tingle on the static generated by her wiry hair.

I look down at my partner. “I love you”. She nods and reaches up to me. we kiss. “I love you”, she says. I become urgent. I feel my balls tighten. She smiles again as she feels the heat of me inside her. We hold each other. Our friend stays quiet still.

It all started with this personal ad, on Fetbook:

Here goes nothing 🙂

I am seeking a very submissive female with no desire to be in any sort of relationship with c_b or myself but who would enjoy the one-off or once-in-a-while  opportunity to be used as a sex toy.

Of course, we’d like someone whose company we enjoy – and who enjoys ours – but at the end of the day, this is all about giving someone who gets their rocks off on a combination of objectification and sexual service the opportunity to help us get our rocks off too.

c_b would like an occasional dress-up dolly for us to take to parties and with whom she can indulge herself by bathing, grooming and dressing her beforehand (to my specification).

 I find it inconvenient that, for example, I can’t suck on both her bubbies at the same time when rogering her – or that she can’t easily handle my testicles whilst I’m giving her a seeing-to.

 It won’t suit you if you want to do anything much other than do as you are told 🙂

 However, this isn’t a something for nothing deal. If you find something like this even slightly appealing, I would love to talk to you about what would really work for you and how we can make you glow too.

It wasn’t a threesome. It was never a threesome. This was the second meeting with our new toy, whom I’d approached after reading her remarkably compatible “want ad” on Fetlife.

She has a very secure, long-term, established, live-in “taken-in-hand” relationship with her master and she characterises herself as “slave”. She wants to be used and serve in a very SM way (she was also the cunt-punchee).

In those first two evenings together (and with lots of talking before, after and in between) we all discovered that she was an addition, not a distraction: someone there to offer a service – not someone we were having sex with in addition to ourselves. Even when they rose above me to let me watch their kisses whilst they entwined hands around my cock it was because I wanted to see this, c_b wants to please me and the third just wants to be useful.

She does nothing to distract us or say “look at me” when all we want to do is wrap ourselves in us.

In fact she says:

After causing me pain whether that be a cunt punching/whipping/shaving/paddling etc it makes me super happy if you are overcome with the need to fuck there and then and I guess that’s the great thing about private play 🙂 I am more than happy to be left to suffer while you do your thing 🙂

We hope we can satisfy her needs without any of us feeling entangled or jealous or duty bound. It’s not that she feels uninvolved or denied satisfaction. What we all do together makes her hot and she’s pleased to be told she can rub one out. It seems like the equal but opposite thing working out, yet again.

She gets what she needs from all the service she provides. I get an outlet for my sadism. curvy_bottom gets someone to protect.

No-one feels guilty because we all have someone we love that supports us in this. We all feel good because we get what we need. And we are becoming friends.


Author: Belasarius

I possess the submission of curvy_bottom, we have a medium protocol, D/s relationship - based on the feeling that we are equa and opposite and that we love each other.

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