The sadness of sexual swear words.

aveburysarsenTNI’m no prude. I love to fuck her cunt, bugger her up the shitter (hmm, where else can one do this) and to be her wanker and her wankee. I love her tits too.

No, what upsets me is the way most people use these lovely, earthy words.

It seems to me repressed, prudish and sad that most only or mostly use these words to express disgust, revulsion or disrespect.

The wanker gesture - fingers and thumb in circ...

Aren’t these lovely words better used to mean what they mean?

Isn’t it sad that people mean nothing good when they tell someone to “fuck off you wanker”? Why are cunts usually useless?

I’ve come to the conclusion it must mean most people think sex is something to be ashamed of, rather than something to celebrate.

Originally posted on fetbook – September 13 2013