BDSM people and multiple or poly relationships

BelasariusI’ve taken the data referred to here from the responses of the  210 people who responded to my BDSM ownership and symbology survey, done through surveymonkey.

However, my earlier “BDSM styles and relationships” survey had a question on this as well – I’ll add data from the much larger response to that survey to this blog when I have time.

I’d prefer to talk about this data as relating to multiple, rather than polyamorous or “poly” relationships, because I’d define the latter as transparent to all and mostly with respect and affection between all parties. There was no way of knowing whether this was the case or not for most  of the answers.

So, in the BDSM ownership and symbols survey we asked people to choose from six options that defined their relationships. Here are the responses, charted and as a table.Answers from BDSM ownership and symbols survey.

Sadist/Masochist Dominant/Submissive Master/Slave
I am not in a relationship 36% 14% 6%
I have one partner ( not BDSM) 4%
I have one partner (BDSM) 31% 54% 67%
I have multiple partners and my primary relationship is BDSM 5% 13% 13%
I have multiple partners and my primary relationship is not BDSM 17% 11% 2%
I am in more than one relationship of equal status 12% 4% 13%
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