Equality in our dominant/submissive relationship

BelasariusMe and my girl are equal. No doubt.

There is huge respect between us. We value each other as people, we see the world through different eyes and we argue our corners.

But we are opposite too. She doesn’t want to be the leader and I won’t do as I’m told. And in our dominant/submissive relationship we have found a way to make that oppositeness create energy and strength.

She submits. I don’t: She strives to please me. Pleasing me pleases her.

It’s not about pain

I adore her. I push, pull, mould her to make her more of herself – the self I see, that she has wanted to be all her life but has not had the chance to be. The self that pleases me (which is what she wants to do).

It’s not about pain. It’s not about bondage. It’s about her service and my loving respect for that.

Equal. Yes. Opposite – definitely. Putting the other first – absolutely.

Both getting what we need? Indeed.