Just a quiet night in.

standing stoneThis is our life… an awful lot of the time.

I get in and put on the kettle (we both like a nice cuppa). She steams in a few minutes later and goes into her bedroom to take her clothes off. If it’s winter, I turn the thermostat up a bit.

A hug or so later and she takes my jacket and tie, removes my boots and scurries off to get my slippers. I get such a look if I take my own shoes off.

If it’s really cold I might let her wear her “fluffy” (dressing gown) or a kimono. Mostly, I don’t.

Tea, and then, often, we retire to the bedroom for a cuddle and whatever Radio 4 has to offer as its early evening comedy choice. She’s there to be my pillow, if that’s what I want. Sometimes if I notice she’s got a bit scratchy down below I’ll shave her (she mostly does this when she showers in the morning – but the hairs between her lips are difficult to get to – and I like the jeopardy of removing them. So, sometimes, I do.

If she needs to pee or poo, she asks. If she leaves my side she bows and waits for me to let her go,

One of us will cook. If it’s her turn she gets to wear a pinny. That and excessive cold are her only reasons for not being naked around the house.

We might watch a bit of telly. We might make love. I might indulge myself with a little bit of cruelty. We could play Scrabble.

We always eat from one plate with one set of cutlery and we feed each other, never

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WhenI tell her it’s bedtime she makes the bed warm and creates a nest, and, when I come to bed, ¬†ascertains whether I’m in the mood for nookie. She puts on her night collar ( a black choker ribbon) and ¬†waits for me to plait her and decide whether her body needs moisturising.

Usually we have a book we are reading aloud to each other, but we don’t read that every night – It might be simple snuggling or something more urgent and intimate. Or just falling asleep with the radio on.

Frequently I wake to her kisses, because that’s the best way to rouse me if she needs a loo visit in the middle of the night. Often I fall asleep on her breast and lay there until, being on her back, her snoring gets my attention. We pass the night entangled and wake fuzzy with love.

Just a quiet night in.286723

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