Totally covering totallycoverme’s fou-fou

I’ve told the story here of how I waxed curvy_bottom’s fou fou. More recently I, with totallycoverme’s help, gave c_b’s breast’s a decent covering in iridescent shades of green (like Shrek’s Missus, she looked). And, I gave totallycoverme (tcm) a small clitty mould as a memento (that’s the avatar you can see on her posts here)P6031712.JPG. Chatting with tcm’s master, he expressed delight in the thing and, as a big, big thank you for his lending me tcm to play with I decided to make him something more permanent. This is my description of the evening.

The quotes are totallycoverme’s reactions (and this is what she thought of the photos). I lay her on a tarpaulin covered low table and used a spreader bar to help ensure her legs didn’t come together as the wax hit. I used a couple of clips, tied to her thighs to keep her labia apart, so we could do the best possible job of getting a fairly detailed mould, including her clitoris.

0004f9ec-a95d-9925-3787-f2bd8beaf1fe_110Having clamps/pegs down there was painful but I have a feeling that the extent of the pain was overshadowed by a general feeling of being looked after by both c_b and yourself.

c_b wiped her (it was pleasing to find her in a high state of arousal) and then applied a coat of Vaseline to help protect her a little and to help with releasing the finished mould later. It’s important to spread this well and thinly so that detail is not obscured. I then got c_b to unhood tcm’s clitty so we could ensure we got a proper representation of the little darling and started dripping wax direct from a candle, from a height of about six inches.tcmffbig1 P6031716.ORFI thought this would be the most difficult bit for our victim, but that came later.

After about ten minutes work the clitoris had a nice thick coating and much of the space between the labia was filled. I carried on dripping from the candles until I had a decent coat. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen I started dribbling dessert spoonfuls of melted wax (melted in a slow cooker and taken off the heat as soon as the wax was liquid, to keep it as cool as possible). tcm didn’t seem to think this was any sort of “cool” she recognised – I had to use another spreader bar on her collar and wrist harness at this point to stop her trying to clutch her cun). Three to five second flows of wax onto the target were, it seemed, much more difficult for her to bear than drips from the candle, even though they were not going straight onto exposed flesh. I was using my finger to help build up the coverage at the bottom of the mould and to stop it straying into her arse crack – I found it easy to bear. tcm clearly didn’t.

Eve0004f9ec-a95d-9925-3787-f2bd8beaf1fe_110n when new layers of wax were put over previous layers of wax, the heat made it feel like the wax was still going on uncovered skin each time.

c_b had melted some yellow crayon into the wax and I started to apply this with aP6031723.ORF small ladle. The flows were longer and more substantial and caused a great deal of screaming. Very satisfactory but also unneighbourly.

0004f9ec-a95d-9925-3787-f2bd8beaf1fe_110I can’t remember at what point this happened but when I had a massive swear at something that I found painful I felt awfully guilty and remorseful about it afterwards and I remember apologising a lot and meaning it desperately.

I gave the ladle to c_b and calmed tcm by pushing the spreader bar gently but firmly down on her throat, under the voicebox, and talking to her calmly. I held her hand and I watched her. This quieted her and we had no more big noise nor swearing. The seething didn’t stop though, which was most satisfactory.

0004f9ec-a95d-9925-3787-f2bd8beaf1fe_110The spreader bar pressed onto my neck brought about an unexpected sense of calm and focus, possibly through a slight element of shock. When the spreader bar was pressed briefly against the top of my feet at one point it reminded me of my purpose in being there to use in how it was unexpected and painful for me but I suspect it was fun and spontaneous for you. It reminded me of my use as a toy in that toys are there to be played with at a random whim.

We added green crayon to the wax and when it melted, c_b began brushing it on to build up a smoother surface finish. We’d taken frequent little breaks to let the thing harden but I’d begun to get a bit concerned that the wax, closer to the skin, appeared to be retaining quite a lot of heat. tcmffbig2I applied an ice pack (not straight out of the freezer!) and c_b set too with a hair dryer blowing cold air. We continued to wax and cool, wax and cool. tcm was, by now, mostly quite dreamy (when finally released she had no idea that the project had taken just under two tcmffbig3hours to complete).

0004f9ec-a95d-9925-3787-f2bd8beaf1fe_110I remember squeezing both your hands reeeeally tight at one point. I think this is when you were telling me that what we was doing was for everyone’s pleasure and how useful I was being.

She woke up though, when it was time to release the mould. I told her we were going to do it and her eyes popped out of her head before I even touched her! I eased the sides and c_b blew cold air underneath. The centre of the thing was still hot to touch. the area between her stretched labia had been completely filled and easing it away gently didn’t seem  to be an option. With a little wiggling and a quick wrench it came a way with a distinct pop at one end and a scream at the other. This is the final picture. It may look like a wedge of iceberg lettuce but I can assure you it isn’t.

It took six candles. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA All of us had a whale of a time.

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Author: Belasarius

I possess the submission of curvy_bottom, we have a medium protocol, D/s relationship - based on the feeling that we are equa and opposite and that we love each other.

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