A new (old) toy.

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acc2_be22My first experience of kinky usage of the finger pricker gadget used by some diabetics.

This blog arises out of some play we had recently – he used it on my nipples by way of ‘tenderising’ them (or perhaps I misheard and he was torturing them – either way, it worked!)

*Safety disclaimer: We are careful and used sterile needles and a sharps bin*

His gadget seemed to be ideal as it allowed him to set the depth of the strike, so to speak…

In this case it was also torture when he decided to tease me to orgasm with the promise of using the gadget on my clitoris at the point of completion. Initially it was hard to concentrate, but it got to to stage where it HAD to happen – as did the pricking. Only a tiny drop of blood but an immense rush 🙂

As is often the case, the pain was a lot worse in the prospect than it was in actuality.

He mentioned that, if we were going to do more play with the gadget in future, it might be sensible to have some antiseptic wipes to hand…

We bought some of those, yesterday 🙂

Originally blogged on IC, April 08.