Take two girls…

… And tie them together.

I had the opportunity to do that at the weekend.

We were at Kage ( first time for her and me – we’ll be back) and a new young friend. There looked like quite a queue for the available dungeon kit and, frankly, I couldn’t wait to get my floggers out.

So, why not use one sub to support the other?

Quickly ( not to mention nervously and cack-handedly) I roped each of them into a inelegant but practical body harness. Our new friend, demure in ivory, looked terrifically fetching in red silk rope.

Then, the secret ingredient: cable ties. Amid much giggling and wriggling I ran one tie around

English: Assortment of cable ties
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the ropes between each girl’s breasts and pulled it as tight as it would go. if they had not been intimate before, they were now. I repeated the process with the belly rope: now they had no choice to embrace or topple. Who needs an A frame?

Of course, administering a royal leathering in these circumstances has its own challenges. I learnt lots. Not least of which is just how sexy it can be to watch a little girl try to shrink into the protection ( perhaps solace) is a better word?) of her friend’s bosom. And to see the friend looking reproachfully at you as if to say ” you bwute” as you take yet another backswing in an effort to blacken her friends bum.

More seriously, I learnt some more important lessons.

When you play with different people, you get to understand that what pushes their buttons is, errr, different. What was good pain, barely-to-be-borne to one was, in her mood that day, barely a fly swat to the other.

So, subby self esteem is an issue. One does not want to seem less pleasing to me than the other (and they aren’t; the ability to induce a maidenly swoon is all that matters).

And fair share is an issue too. Because making it turn and turn about meant neither got the constant drubbing they deserved. So, next time I might make one look after the other and look to deliver my undivided attention to whoever played A frame later.

But it was good play. And I did blacken her bum. Our new friend was a good girl and c_b and I were pleased with her. And ourselves.

Originally blogged in Informed consent, 2012.

Author: Belasarius

I possess the submission of curvy_bottom, we have a medium protocol, D/s relationship - based on the feeling that we are equa and opposite and that we love each other.

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