I’d rather have a pizza with my kids in Ibiza…

This is the second article looking at the results of the BDSM and Money Survey. It looks at just how important the respondents think BDSM spending is in their overall order of priority for non-essential spending (we left out areas like food, energy, housing costs, etc). 353 People answered this question – 200 women and 153 men.

Women who responded were much more likely to put BDSM at the top of their spending priorities than men, though, overall, Family events, holidays and eating out were seen as more important spending areas.

The question listed nine areas of spending and asked people to rank them in order of importance, I then gave a rank  of one a score of 9, rank two – score 8,right down to the last ranked (ninth) item having a score of 1. This gave the following overall priorities:


For the respondents to this survey, BDSM spending came slightly better than half way up the list for priorities for their leisure cash.

There were some differences in each gender’s spending: Men put holidays first, whilst women made vacations their second priority – with family events coming first. Men thought other hobbies (fifth) should take more of their spending than Christmas (sixth) – women reversed this order.

I converted the scores into percentages (score per item divided by total score for gender) to see whether there was any more enthusiasm for BDSM spending depending on whether the respondent was a man or a woman.

Priority c1

Women respondents appear a little more likely to spend money on BDSM than men. But the difference isn’t much (Men 12%, women 13%), so it hardly seems to matter.

Looking specifically at the order of priority people gave to BDSM spending, I also grouped BDSM spending into those who considered it a top three priority, those who thought it a middle priority (ranked fourth, fifth or six) and those who considered it a lower priority (ranking it seventh to ninth). This did show a clear difference between the genders.

Priorities c2Women were 9% more likely to put BDSM into their top three spending items than men (44% doing so, compared to 35% of men.)

If you just looked at those who made BDSM spending their number one priority the difference was even more marked. Double the proportion of women (16%) said BDSM spending came top in their list. compared with 8% of men.

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