Symbols of ownership – sadists and masochists view


BelasariusIn the BDSM ownership and symbols survey I did on surveymonkey, 37 S/m people answered the following question:

Thinking of symbols of ownership in BDSM, to what extent do you agree with the following statements?

An outline of their responses to each of the question’s statements follows:

Symbols of ownership can be used by anybody in any BDSM dynamic, for any purpose

87% of S/m people agreed or agreed strongly (46%) with this statement. Only 6% disagreed or disagreed strongly.

Symbols of ownership are important symbols of commitment and permanence and should be worn and respected as such.

52% disagreed (41% strongly). 30% were neutral and 19% agreed (3% strongly)

Symbols of ownership can be worn to indicate temporary ownership (for example in play sessions)

92% agreed (65% strongly); 5% were neutral and 3% disagreed

BDSM ownership attitudes (S/m)Symbols of ownership are fun and have no other special significance

57% agreed (46% strongly). 19% were neutral. 14% disagreed and 11% disagreed strongly.

Symbols of ownership should only be worn by the submissive partner(s)

52% agreed (38% strongly). 22% responded neutrally and 25% disagreed.

Symbols of ownership can be worn by all partners

44% agreed (14% strongly). 22% were neutral and 35% disagreed

A symbol of ownership can be anything the partner(s) agree on

85% agreed (strongly – 57%), 11% responded neutrally and 6% disagreed.

A collar is the accepted BDSM symbol of ownership.

81% agreed (51% strongly), 19% were neutral and nobody disagreed!

Further background on this question can be found here.

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