Get a picture of your kink

standing stoneJust for fun, I’ve uploaded a BDSM “dashboard” that might help you analyse your own kink or that of others.

I created it a while back, using the list of kink options that the UK BDSM website “Informed Consent” used. I may update this. It’s not a BDSM checklist it’s more a look at how you feel about BDSM stuff right now.

The first thing you need to do is make some choices. In the first tab of the spreadsheet, put “1” into the column that most resembles your attitude to a particular fetish, type of play or BDSM lifestyle element.

The input screen looks like this:


Anyway, after a minute (or less) inputting on the first tab of the spreadsheet, you are done and clicking on the second tab, this is what you get: A radargram of your kink.


And, then, a tab that gives you two charts (example below), a table of your scores and some ideas of what they may mean (remember there is no science here, it’s just fun).

Dash3The charts above are my results by the way (though I may change – I can be a capricious fellow).

So – do you want to have a go? Here’s the download: Belasarius_BDSM_dashboard1 (it’s an .xls Excel file).

How the ratings work

You end up with percentage scores (which can be negative) for each of:

  • L – a percentage ranking of your interest in lifestyle D/s topics listed in IC profiles. The higher the score, the more these aspects interest you – max score: 100%
  • P – a percentage ranking of your interest in play practices listed in IC profiles. The higher the score, the more these things interest you – max score: 100%
  • K – A percentage ranking (max 100%) taken from all the items listed on IC profiles: It says more about how wide your interests are than the depth and strength of your deviancy
  • KQ – (Kink quotient) the average of all three scores above – (max 100%): compare this with the other scores for an idea of where your main interests lie – and just how kinky you are!

What the ratings mean

Well, not a lot really, you will have your own view. But here are a few score combinations and my interpretation:

  • 41/28/52/40 – Someone whose interests in lifestyle issues strongly outweigh play, but who has a wide range of other interests and some strong kinks (examine the radar diagram to see what)
  • 36/47/44/42 – someone with a balance of lifestyle and play interests, but not hardcore in in any area.
  • 12/55/66/44 – someone who wants scene play far more than they want a D/s life – and who plays hard.

Is it useful?

Up to you guys really – it might be a useful discussion point for people exploring a new dynamic.

It’s very limited – it says nothing about dominance and submission at all, for example.

Feel free to share it, but please link and credit me if you do.

Oh, and, anyone fancy taking part in my BDSM definitions polls?

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