Matched Pair 19 – Bed time

The door at the end of the room opened. The Girl held it open and the man entered, clapping slowly, loudly, ironically. “Get her down from there”, he said “All of you, go stand with your noses to the wall, – he indicated the wall beside the door he had entered through. “Tallest on the … Continue reading “Matched Pair 19 – Bed time”

Matched Pair 18 – Release

The women looked at the man. and at Two, who was trying to speak. She spluttered, realising just how effective a gag she’d been given. She’d never not been able to speak through a gag before but realised the jeopardy of two crystal decanters full of precious brandy and whiskey made all the difference. If she … Continue reading “Matched Pair 18 – Release”

Matched Pair: 17 – Reward?

The Girl took an antiseptic wipe from a sachet and tenderly cleaned Two’s newly sewn up pussy, stroking away those few droplets of blood. One drop returned. She held the wipe firmly against it and then dabbed again, a few seconds later. The little bit of oozing stopped. The man handed two latex gloves to … Continue reading “Matched Pair: 17 – Reward?”

Matched Pair: 16 – Blanket stitch

This chapter is dedicated to @Nitika_BG – welcome back you. The man sent Two to stand at one of the room’s windows and told her to face out. From time to time she lent forward gently to support herself The cold of the pane hardened her nipples but she couldn’t stand it for long and found herself standing … Continue reading “Matched Pair: 16 – Blanket stitch”

Matched Pair: 15 – Service

“You will eat when we have eaten’” said the man. “For now, you are here to serve”. “One, you will serve the antipasto. Two – you will be sommelier. Three, You will serve the entree. Five, You will serve pudding. Two will bring it to you”. The man motioned to The girl, who drew out … Continue reading “Matched Pair: 15 – Service”

Matched Pair: 14 – High heels and cold steel

They ascended the narrow stairs, The Girl bringing up the rear. There was no handrail. Min turned back to find her crutches. The Girl had them already and, beaming, pushed Min forward, placing her arm under Min’s and around her chest, took some of her weight. Together they crabbed up the short flight of stairs. … Continue reading “Matched Pair: 14 – High heels and cold steel”